Introduction: The Flashmaphone

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Constantly Microphones are being damaged, dropped, hurt, and just not well Protected. Or maybe they just stop working.
That happened to my "Handheld" flashlight. The kind that goes on a Key Chain. I did not want to risk all my awesome electronics to break, so I used the power of one to protect another. Like a body guard.

I better inform you on what you need before you start :
Small Handheld or Key Chain Flashlight.
Small, inch long Mic. (Most used for Laptops)
Hot Glue Gun.
Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, or some program to use it on.

Lets start!

Step 1: Unscrew and Bend

 Alright, first unscrew part A and part B from the Flashlight (Take a look at the image below to see which part is which part).
Once you unscrew part A, bend the LED back and forth until it comes loose and can be pulled out. If your Flashlight still works, save it! You can use it in a future project.

Step 2: Hollow It Out

 Once you have removed part A and part B (See step 2 if you don't know what that it", remove the battery and all contents inside.

If your flashlight has a Microchip, card, etc. inside of it, do remove that as it can break or scratch the Microphone, plus you may want to use it in another project. 

Step 3: Find Your Microphone

 Alright, since I don't know the best options, I will recommend you try TARGET Stores or to find a good microphone. Notice the size between my Microphone and the Flashlight, this is important.

Step 4: Hot Glue Gun

 Time to get out the hot Glue Gun!
Wait for the Hot Glue gun to get hot and first put a small dot on one side of the flashlight along with the Microphone (See 2nd and 3rd image) and wait about 10 seconds for it to dry so you can have support to glue the rest of it without Holding it or accidentally burning yourself

Step 5: The Finished Project!

Here it is! Your cool new Flashmophone!

Notice you don't need to use just a microphone, you can also use SD Cards, USB and Other Electronics!

Wanna make me be amazed by how awesome you are? Try making it light up when you put it in!