Introduction: The Flashy Night Light That Just So Happen to Be Hand Held , and Can Be Used When You Wake Up],

this is an homemade flashlight that is big enough that you can find easy in the middle of night, so that you can go downstairs into the kitchen to get something to drink. there is also a second function that repeatedly flash light at the people who is starring at you, because it is super awkward to see someone in the middle of the night. and its power come from your computer so you don't have to all ways recharge the thing.

Step 1: Target Audience

this is for kids who don't have the money or permission from parents to buy a flashing flashlight, that is why the design and the whirling are so simple

Step 2: Supplies

to make this you need a few supplies.

here is the list.

1.a cardboard box

2.a arduno Leonardo

3.bread board

4.2 led of your choice

5. button[the big one is better.

6. a few normal jump wires

7.4 jump wires with clip on one side

8. 1 paper and 3 tapes

9. a knife.

Step 3: How Do You Make It?[part 1 Arduno]

to make thing this is simple you just need to a follow this list.

1. make 2 led light connect to clips[one connect to 4 the other to 8]how to

2, create the button[connect to 2]how to

3.connect all of the end parts back to gnd.

it is this simple because it is a instruction.

there is a pic above.

Step 4: How Do You Make It?[part 2 the Box]

to make the box for the flash box you first cut the bottom of the box to make 2 holes for the leds.

then you cut a hole and the handle on the top[side] to put the button and the place where you hold the box.

then you cut a hole to put the wire that connect to the computer.

the use a thin pater to cover the bottom of the box to soften the glow of the light.

Step 5: The Program

with out the program this thing is just a box with a lot of wire in them, as such I highly suggest that you use this program when using this item.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Flash Light

so if you follow these instruction you should have a working flashlight with a anti eyes function of flashing.

it should look like this