Introduction: The Flavored Burdock Pickles

Burdock is more crunchy rather than radish. The degree of Crunchy might give us a kind of "added value". Burdock have to be boiled, before it is soaked into soup. The taste is good.

  1. pure rice vineger 20g
  2. japanese sake 10g
  3. japanese soy source 40g
  4. water 200g 5. salt 30g
  5. millet suger 60g 7. red pepper 6 pieces
  6. Burdock { Φ10mm x 400mm } x 10

Throw in them from 1 to 7 into a bottle, and shake it.

Slice the surface of burdock by specified device. I can't recommend that eating the surface of burdock. Usually, kitchen knife may be difficult to slice the surface of burdock. I used a featured device for that.

Before it is moistened in soup, the burdock should be boiled for 15 minutes. I tend to do so. Because it is not radish. After that, the boiled burdock is thrown in to the soup.

After whole a day, the taste of soup is penetrated into the burdock. But the burdock is still crunchy. In addition to the taste, The degree of crunchy will give us something well.

I think red pepper is necessary, but this is not KIMUCHI.

We've learned about the taste of soy source and miso. I've eaten them from childhood. But I don't know the detail and essence of it. But, the core essence of SHOYU and MISO is 'salt', I'm guessing so. Other essence is acid related matter.

Generally, vineger might be a kind of acid. If it is too strong, the taste may be uncomfortable. Acid have been already existed in my stomach, however, I take acid by vineger. Why do I have to take acid by vineger? However, It has been already existed in my stomach.

Anyway, harmony of suger and salt give us depth of taste. In addition to that, here, little vineger is added.

The taste is good.

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