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About: I have been egging for about 20 years. Have been to many shows and am very grateful to designers and teachers like Sally Lavan, Helen Corrigan, Gloria Harrison, Marsha Robbins, Joan Huff. Egging is a real pa…

This is an egg that I did in 2001. I call it "The Flower Fairy". After drawing pattern on a Rhea egg, I cut and hinged the doors to the front of egg along with the lattice cuts on the sides and back. The inside is painted and sprinkled with diamond dust glitter. The flowers inside I made from tiny strips
of paper called "Quilling". The flower fairy was hand made by a person in Connecticut where I lived at that time. The exterior is the natural Rhea egg color with light green painted at desired locations of the design. The fine gold braid is used to outline design and doors. Pink crystal chain surrounds the doors, along with gold braid. Clear no hole beads are placed on the door
and gold filigree shapes are added for extra finishes. The egg is then mounted on the stand and a top finial is added and attached.

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    Best Egger
    Best Egger

    12 years ago on Introduction

    The lattice and a slot for the hinge is cut with a high speed drill, similar to what dentist use, that runs off a compressor. Then I use an epoxy glue to hold the hinge in place. I love quilling --have done it for years. I taught myself by buying a book and going step by step. It really is not hard but agile fingers are necessary. Try a book or kit by Melissa at Lake City Crafts--their paper and ideas are the best. If you want to know more about egging, there are shows throughout the year. The IEAG web site has a list of them.

    That is really cool! How did you attach the hinges or create the lattice pattern without cracking the shell? Glad to see someone quilling too! I've been interested but could never get started. Once again, great piece of work! -Tessa