The Flower Mug

Introduction: The Flower Mug

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This is a cute project that only takes about 10 to 20 minutes.
It is simple to make and the end result is beautiful.
I found the idea on a flower seller site, and I searched here for an Instructable to make my own.
I had no luck finding an instructable here so I winged it!
And here are my results.

This is the perfect last minute mother's day gift, anniversary gift, etc.
I'm actually about to make 9 more for my mom to give to her sisters!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The materials are quite simple.

1. A nice re-plantable flower.
It should be a nice flower with a long stem.
Leaves are ok too.
The project looks best with a single flower, but more is ok if you'd like.

2. A nice mug.
A nice hand painted mug would be nice and personable!

3. Decorative stuff.
Ribbon, bows, little plastic signs, or anything else.

Step 2: Time to Start

1. Remove the mug from the protective paper it was wrapped in.

2. Now take your replantable plant and remove it from its potter.
3. Seperate the long stemmed flower you would like to place into your mug. Be careful of not to destroy its roots!!! If you tear off the roots trying to seperate it, it will most likely die...

4. What you do with the other flowers is your choice, I planted the rest of my plant along my fence since it was all buds. You may choose to take other flowers and make more flower mugs.

The longest part of this instructable for me was trying to plant the rest of my flower without a proper shovel.

Step 3: Were Almost Done...

Now that we disposed of the rest of our plant how we wished, we can continue.

5. Ok, now take some of the dirt from the potter and put it at the bottom of our mug. You can also mix in some of your dirt from the ground if you wish.

6. Now it is time to place your flower in the mug.
7. Try and make it so the flower is in the middle of the cup so it doesn't tip over.
8. Use more dirt to fill up the mug with and to help stable/center the flower.

Step 4: !!!

You're done!

Now you can decorate as you wish.

When you are done decorating give the beautiful flower to the person of your choice!

That was a sweet, simple project and it only took a matter of minutes!

The best thing is it saves you about 15-20$ by making it yourself versus buying it from a flower site!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction


    you had a nice idea but... the plant will be easy to overwater, if you would drill a couple of holes in the bottom of the mug the excess water will flow out of the pot into a suitable undertray... And as an addition you can water the plant in the undertray...




    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I dont know why I never got notified about this comment, so sorry for not responding.
    So, I did have that experience of over watering, but for a short term item it worked out well. Many of my aunts that I gave these two ended up replanting the flowers anyways. But when I made them again last year I did drill three holes in the bottom of the mug and the plants lasted much longer without needing replanting!
    It was a learning process over time I guess. Thank you for your suggestion though, it was something i would have needed if i didnt learn it myself the hard way lol


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I think its a great idea. It can be so much more personal too if you get a mug that fits your giftees personality. Like for my boyfriends mother I got a Snoopy mug for her flower because she loves Snoopy.