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Introduction: The Flying Cau

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Plumfoot is a sport created in Asia . It is a mix between badminton and soccer. It is practiced with a shuttlecock called "Cau".

It can be played in several ways: freestyle or competition. The freestyle plumfoot is played without a net. The goal is to make passes in a group. It can therefore be played anywhere. On the contrary, competition plumfoot is played with a net. The rules are very similar to badminton.

If you want to try this sport with your friends, you can make your own "Cau", easy !

We will help you to make it!

Materials and tools required

Materials :

  • Wide rubber bands (7mm)
  • Fine rubber bands (1mm)
  • Feathers
  • Thick plastic, about 1 mm (empty box of detergent, bottle, etc...)

Tools :

  • Scissors / cutter
  • Compass
  • Pens

Alternative materials :

  • Inner tube
  • All types of thick plastic boxes (e.g. medicine boxes, milk, desk pads, plastic sleeves, flat plastic waste)
  • Thick PET bottle and aluminium can (works but produces less bounce effect)

Step 1: Preparations

Draw a dozen circles with a diameter of 4cm on the plastic (you can use a compass or a rounded object) and cut out the discs.

Step 2: Construction of the Base

Take one of the discs and draw two parallel lines 1cm long in the center, then cut with a cutter.

Cut the wide rubber band to obtain a single rubber band, then pass it through the notches.

Slide the disc to the middle of the rubber band to obtain two pieces of threads of the same length.

Step 3: Making of "Pringles"

Using a compass, draw an 8mm diameter circle in the center of each remaining disc.

Then cut them out with a cutter or scissors and bend them with your hand to form Pringles chips.

Step 4: Stacking

Pass the two rubber bands through each disc.

Be careful, to create a very bouncy "Cau", it is important to stack them by inverting their direction to create a spring effect. (see picture)

Step 5: Insertion of Feathers

Insert two feathers through all discs. Make sure that the bases of the feathers are positioned straight and that their feathers are not stuck together.

Then tie the feathers with the thin elastic and tie a knot (it is possible to wrap the feathers with several elastics to make sure the whole structure fits together).

Step 6: Cut

Cut off the end of the feathers to have a better flight of the "Cau".

Step 7: Play !

Have fun !

Call your friends and go play outside !

Practice and you will quickly become a master, No Pain No Gain !

Show us your best "Cau" in the comment section !

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    1 year ago

    Ohhh, so kinda like a hacky sack! Very cool.


    1 year ago

    good stuff。 Here in China it's called 毽子JianZi and you can find experts in every park. I have noticed that even the commercial ones tend to use punched-out recycled material for the ballast (often tin cans).
    I even made an electronic version: