Introduction: The French Drop

Here is a cool trick that you can preform in front of anyone!

Step 1: Get Your Coins

To start the French Drop, approach your audience with a selection of different coins. Ask you audience to choose one coin or ask if you could barrow a coin from your audience. If you audience chooses one of your coins tell him or her to inspect it and pass it to a few others (depending on how many people your performing to).

Step 2: How to Position the Coin

Once you get the coin back pinch the coin between your fingers like in pic.1. Then cover the coin by placing your thump under the coin and placing the rest of your fingers over the coin like in pic.2 and 3

Step 3: Making It Disappear

Next drop the coin into the palm of your hand by slightly separating the fingers that are holding the coin, use your finger to shield the coin from the audience. Like in picture 1.
Once the coin is in you palm, close the opposite hand that is holding the coin completely and pretend the the coin is in the hand you just closed, like in picture 2 and 3. If you wish, you can practice by actually grabbing the coin and get a feeling for that before you practice dropping the coin.
Once you have closed you're hand, drop the hand that has the coin in it to your side using the finger Palm like in picture 4. (Learn how to do the finger Palm in my previous instructable)
With the, now, closed and empty hand in front of you, make sure the audience's attention is directed toward that hand. Then show that your hand is empty in a sly and magic way, but don't use the other hand or they'll see the coin in it. Like in picture 5.

Step 4: Make It Reappear!

To make the coin reappear take the hand that has the coin in it and place it behind someone's ear or in their shirt or where ever you want to place it, and push the coin with your thumb (picture 1) to where half of the coin is exposed (picture 2). Then pull your hand out from where ever it was and claim that you made it reappear!
Use these steps and you can do the French drop perfectly! (Almost) ?