Introduction: The Friday Fortnite Trophy

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Fortnite is a gaming phenomenon! Friday Fortnite has brought together some of the best players to compete against each other each week. I thought the tournament could use a trophy... so I made one!

Materials Used:

Tools Used:

Step 1: Carve the Logo

To start this project I printed the Friday Fortnite logo onto some self adhesive paper and applied it to a board of European Beech. I used a trim router to carve the design into the wood. In the router I installed a profile bit. This is a tapered bit which allows me to carve very fine details.

I started carving around the letters of the logo. The area in Black will carved away completely. I find work down and to the right the easiest method for me. It feels more natural and I'm able to control the router a lot better this way. A stiff bristled brush is great for clearing away sawdust and wood chips. It makes it much easier to see your progress. I made sure to carve around the outline of all the logo components before removing the bulk of the black area.

A chisel is very handy to clean up the rough surface left by the router. The stiff bristled brush also works great and removing any loose particles. To cut out the logo from the board I used the bandsaw. This is a great tool for making straight and curved cuts.

Step 2: Paint the Carved Logo

Time to add some colour. The easiest way to paint carvings like this is to start with the back ground colour. In this case, that was black acrylic paint. I Painted the entire background black. Any paint on the raised surface is easily sanded away once the paint is dry.

The red sections were painted too. These are much easier to paint cleanly because they are raised away from the back ground. They have a physical edge to them. The white areas also get painted with acrylic paint.

To protect the logo and make the colours pop I applied 3 coats of spray lacquer.

Step 3: Create Base

Time to work on the base. I used American Black Walnut for the base of the trophy. I drilled two 8mm holes into the wood. I also drilled two matching holes into the bottom of the carved logo. These holes will receive steel rods later.

At the mitre saw I tapered the edges of the walnut to give it a more elegant shape. I could then apply 3 coats of spray lacquer the same way I did to the carved logo. This protects the wood and makes the grain really pop.

Step 4: Put It All Together

When the lacquer was dry I added super glue to the holes. I then inserted the steel rods into the holes. After adding super glue to the holes in the carved logo I inserted the rods into those holes too. This joins the carved logo to the walnut base.

To make the trophy more premium feeling and to also prevent it from scratching any surfaces its placed on I decided to add some red felt baize to the bottom. I cut a rough sized piece and applied spray adhesive to it. I could then secure it to the bottom of the walnut base. Once the adhesive was dry, I trimmed the excess away with some scissors.

Step 5: Done!

Here is the finished #FridayFortniteTrophy . I really hope you like it!

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