The G1 Lego Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher

Introduction: The G1 Lego Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher

This is the first lego gun I have made which can fit under a regular gun and fire grenades/rockets. The main thing the G1 fires is the X3 Mini-Rocket. The G1 can also fire the Y1 Shotgun Shell from the C3.1 video, making it useful for close-quarters. The G1 has a 45 foot range (when firing the X3 at an angle). It is also very powerful and fairly accurate. To load the G1, the launcher must be taken off of the gun, and the top opened, so that the rubberbands can be placed on the firing gear. Then, the top is replaced, and the whole launcher put back on the gun. To load, the X3 Mini-Rocket s simply slid down the hole in the front, and it 'locks' in place, because the rubberbands keep it from sliding out, which is very useful. To fire, the 'hair' trigger on the back is pushed down. The launcher can be easily removed because of how the top was designed, and can be put under any gun with 6x19 studs of free space underneath it or more. The launcher does not misfire, and will not fire accidently.


For the G2, I intend to add many different new features, such as: the firing system will be semi-automatic, and will be able to hold up to 2-3 shots' worth of rubberbands, it will be shorter, and there will be a true trigger placed on it.

Step 1: Bottom of the Launcher

This step just builds up the bottom of the launcher.

Step 2: Runway

This step builds the runway which the ammo goes on.

Step 3: Firing Gear + Back of Launcher

This step builds the firing gear, and builds me of the back.

Step 4: Side of Launcher

This step finishes one side of the launcher.

Step 5: Half of the Trigger + Counterweight RB Holder

This step builds half of the trigger, and the area which holds the counterweight rubberbands.

Step 6: The Counterweight Rubberbands + Finishing the Trigger

This step will need 4 small rubberbands to act as a counterweight. The rest of the step will finish off the other side of the trigger and firing system,

Step 7: Finishing the Side + Top

This step will finish the side of the gun, and the top piece.

Step 8: Ammo (The X3 Mini Rocket)

This is the ammo for the G1, the X3 Mini Rocket, which is a much smaller rocket than the X2 and X1.

Step 9: Loading

This step shows how to load the firing rubberbands (you need 3 small-medium sized rubberbands), and how to put in the ammo.

Step 10: 2 Different Ways to Mount on a Gun

Basically, it has 2 ways to mount it- with it completely on the gun, or with some of it hanging off it.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    berry try making a gun without those gear pieces inside all rite? i dont have those