Introduction: The Garment for Judose

Hi! I'm Yixun.

This is a game design project for a traditional Chinese game — Judose.

It is a game played by standing on one leg and grasping the other, it is a physically competitive game with one simple rule, to knock your opponent over. The original version of the game is quite violent. What I am going to do is adding conductive fabric and LED instructions to the kneecap. Attacking your competitor on the particular area will cause your competitor to lose his points. The player who loses all the points first is the loser, and the other one is the winner.

Step 1: Get the Materials

Here is the list of material that you need to buy before starting to make the garment:

Leather (or other fabric you like);

Conductive fabric;

Conductive tape;

Conductive thread;

Sewing thread;

Glue gun;


Self-adhesive hook and loop tape;

Plastic tri-glide slide(for bag straps);

Soldering tool;

Arduino Uno;

8 x 5050 RGBW LED Stick;

Step 2: Cut Leather and Conductive Fabric

I used two kinds of leather, the grey one and the green one.

The orange fabric is conductive fabric, cut it into strips and make sure that the conductive fabric on the grey area should be longer than the width of the leather(because they will be connected to the circuit).

Use glue or hand sewing to attach the conductive fabric to the leather.

Step 3: Finish the Main Body of the Garment

Sew the leather together to finish the main body.

You may want to put it on your knee to try if it fits.

Step 4: Build the Circuit

Use conductive tape and other conductive material to build the circuit and use tape to isolate every line.

Make sure that you leave enough conductive material so that they can be connected to Arduino.

Step 5: Add the LED

Cut a hole in the main body of the garment based on the size of the LED stick. Use the glue gun and hand sewing to attach the LED to the garment, and follow the instruction to add the led to the circuit. Don't forget to use tape in the overlap part to make every line independent.

Step 6: Connect Everything to Arduino and Upload the Code

Follow the instruction to finish the circuit and upload the code.

Here is the link of the code:

Step 7: Add the Straps So That You Can Wear It

In this step, I use leather, self-adhesive hook and loop tape, plastic tri-glide slide(for bag straps) to make the straps. But if you have an elastic cord, it is also a good option to do that. Just make sure that the garment can be used by different users with different size.

Step 8: Put a 9V Battery and Test It

If everything is ready, connect the battery to your Arduino. The LED will be turned on with the green light. And if you use another piece of conductive fabric to touch the strips on the grey area, one of the LED will turn into red.

Step 9: Make Two Identical Garments and Play With Your Friends!