Introduction: The Gentleman's Tag Bag (or the Sweetest Brief Case You've Seen Today)

Hello there.  Do suffer from chronic loathing of blank surfaces, a feeling that that dilapidated wall is missing something, or have you ever been sitting through yet another mind numbing boardroom meeting thinking, "Man this place could really use some more color." Well here's your cure:  The Gentleman's Tag Bag!

It gives you all the room you need to pack all the essentials, for today's fast paced spray paint enthusiast.

There's room for four full sized cans of paint, respirator, sketches, maps, and now including the new Spray Paint Cap Organizer (A completely new innovation only available through Thingiverse).

And here's how you too can have your very own.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials.

1)  1 4-1/2 Thick Briefcase
2)  4 Spray Paint Can Mounts (
3)  1 or more of my totally innovative Spray Paint Cap Organizers (
4)  8 M5-0.8 X 10mm Black Button Hex Head Screws
5)  8 M5-0.8 Nuts
6)  Industrial Strength Velcro Tape
7)  4 Spray Cans
8)  1 Respirator of your choice
9)  Minimum 12 Spray Can Caps (Montana Style)
10)  Rubber Gloves
11)  Whatever else you use with your art.

Step 2: Purchase Your Choice of Not Awesome Briefcases

Purchase a 4-1/2" thick briefcase.  You need to get the thicker briefcase to accommodate the spray cans.  I recommend looking at your local salvation army or goodwill for a deal.  I got this one for cheap off of Amazon. 

Step 3: Time to Melt Some Plastic

Next you're going to need to either print a few parts or beg you buddy with a 3D printer to print you the following:

4 Spray Paint Can Mounts (

1 or more of my innovative new Spray Paint Cap Organizers (  This is a product you can only find through Thingiverse as before 10/12/12 it didn't exist.  So that's pretty cutting edge.

Step 4: Time to Lay Out Your Mounts

Next using a white colored pencil (I suppose chalk might work too) mark the outline the position of the mounts and there holes.

Step 5: Lets Do a Little Damage

Now we're going to drill holes at the locations we just marked.

1. To do this first cover the back of the briefcase with painters tape to avoid excessive tearout when drilling.

2. Next use a drill to make pilot holes for your screws.  (I used a 9/16" drill for mine)

Step 6: Fasten the Mounts

Next just fasten the mounts using the M5-0.8-10mm screws and M5-0.;8 nuts.  Notice the nuts fit into indentions in the mounts so you just need an allen wrench to tighten them.

If you didn't drill the holes big enough you might find this step difficult.

Step 7: I'm Stuck on You

Next we attach the filters for the respirator and the Cap Organizer.

First apply a piece of pile velcro (The soft side) to the back of the filter, and a piece of hook velcro to the inside of the case where you want your filter to hang.

Next do the same thing to two opposite bottom edges of the Cap Organizer.

Step 8: Stock That Thing

Next toss your respirator body  in the with your filters.   Toss in your gloves, your sketches, stencils, or whatever else you might want. and your done.

Step 9: The Reveal

And lets see how we did.  If you worked cleanly you should be ready for Monster Garagesque reveal.  The only telltale signs that you've done anything at all should be a few little round black button heads from the screws.  

And now the next time your in the board room, fresh of the subway on your way to work, or just fill like doing some work in a suit and tie your all set.

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