The Giant Pizza Cutter.

Introduction: The Giant Pizza Cutter.

In the tradition of the "Big fork and spoon" I am sure this big pizza cutter will follow just as popular in American culture well into the 21st century! :) I made this project form a single 2 x 4 for another contest that is put on by a fellow woodworker on youtube and there were many entires. I was taking a slight humorous angle with this project. A while back another woodworker friend made a regular sized pizza cutter from wood that worked perfectly well as a metal bladed one. This is a fairly strait forward project in woodworking process. There is a video link so I invite you to watch.

Step 1: Making the Wheel.

I cut some pieces of 2x4 and edge glued them together. I then drew a circle with my large compass and rough cut the circle out on my bandsaw. I placed the disk on the lathe (in-between centers) and turned it to a sharp edge profile. Later I drilled out the center on the drill press.

Step 2: The Handle and Assembling the Project.

The handle could not be much simpler: Two short pieces and one long piece. The ends cut to a rounded profile and sanded smooth. Drill a flat bottomed hole with a forester bit to accommodate the pin that will serve as an axle for the disk. The small pieces are screwed to the larger handle and the pin is held together between the two smaller pieces. There ya go it works! :) Primed and painted the handle dark blue.

Please watch the video and comment. I love to hear from you all! :)

Sincerely Chris

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