The Glasses Light

Introduction: The Glasses Light

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Hello hello ladies and gentlemen. Very often I find myself in the dark with my phone away in another room or otherwise inaccessible. And like many of the people in the world I was blessed with bad eyesight and need prescription glasses to correct it. Because of these two factors, as well as my poor memory, I made this neat little hands free flashlight that is sure to increase your "geek chic" appeal.

Step 1: The Materials

The materials you will need for this project include:

-A coin cell battery holder
-A 3 volt coin cell battery
-Two mini slide switches
-A red led
-A white led
-And lastly a paper clip

Step 2: The Tools

The tools you will need include:

-A pair of wire clippers
-A pair of needle nose pliers
-A soldering iron with solder
-And a hot glue gun with glue

Step 3: The Leds

The fist step is to add the two leds. This can be done with just one led but I chose a bright white led for the high light and the red led for low glare light conditions. Bend the shorter negative lead of the first led at a right angle away from the light. connect the negative lead to the negative connection of the battery clip. connect the negative lead from the remaing led to the negative lead of the prior led. bend both the long positive leads back to where they are close to the postive connection on the battery clip and layed along the battery clip as to not just out from the outer edge. Don't forget to trim the excess of the already soldered leads.

Step 4: The Switches

The next step is to add the switches to th battery set up. This is done done by trimming off one of the outside leads from the switch and splaying out the remaing leads to make contact with both the positive terminal of the battery pack and the positive lead of the led. Attach both switches and test the circuit by adding a battery and switching the leds on.

Step 5: The Clip

The last step is to add the clip to the set up. Bend the paper clip slighlty open and secure the smaller part to the face of the set up with a generous amount of hot glue. Bend the paper clip to where it snuggly holds to the side of your glasses with the lights facing outwards. Additionally the glare can be lessened by adding a small bit of electrical tape to the leds to where the light does not go towards the eyes.

Step 6: Its Done

The last thing to do is to make minor adjustments to the leds and clip to get the lights properly situated and focused. This cheap and simple design gives you the ability to have a high brightness light for total illumination as well as a low brightness light for a low glare light for better night vision. One can also take the clip off of the glasses to place it on a surface or hold the light in ones hand for more flexibility. In hindsight i should have included a resistor before the switches to limit the current to the leds but the set up works just fine as is. If you have any ideas how this could have been improved please feel free to comment below.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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    Uncle Kudzu
    Uncle Kudzu

    7 years ago

    That's nice that you can switch between the red and white led. Could this be done with a couple of AAA batteries?


    Reply 7 years ago

    Its quite posible, but that would require two aaa batteries and would be significantly more heavy.