The Go-Green Penstand

Introduction: The Go-Green Penstand

hey everyone..

im gonna show you how to make a penstand using only icecream sticks and glue. i made this for the make to learn youth contest.
Also,it is worth doing it. it's quick and easy...and u do your bit to save the environment.

Step 1:


1. Ice cream Sticks (not spoons)

2. Craft glue

3. a little imagination :D

Step 2:

1. first arrange your ice cream sticks in a square
2. glue them up
3. then for the base...glue a line of sticks as shown..
4. glue 2 sticks in a perpendicular direction (this is for reinforcement) only in the edges.
5. repeat step 4 but this time do it for the other 2 edges.
6. keep doing it until u have reached the required height.

Step 3:

This is a very sturdy construction. So in case of any accidental drops on  the floor u don't have to worry about anything.
hope u had fun!!
if u like this please vote for me!

1.What did u make?
    i made a pen stand out of ice cream sticks and craft glue. did u make it?
i made it using glue and alternate layers of icecream sticks sandwiched in the middle.

3. why did u make it?
i made it for organising my things properly and also to reuse and recycle i.e. do my bit! :D

4.what did u learn ?
i learnt the various ways of reinforcing the structure of an object without adding any additional weight to it...surprisingly it weighs only about a 100 grams..also most importantly...i learnt how to use something that u probably will throw away into something both beautiful and useful.

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    9 years ago

    Awesome!! I think this would be a good thing for kids to make in the classroom as you can buy huge packs of Popsicle sticks (plain and colored!)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    @alittlerainbowninja thanks... :D yeah..i hadnt thought of that :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I built something like this a few years ago, it's about 1/4 this height, and I put a little cardboard billboard on the back. It's where I put my keys and loose change at the end of the day.