Introduction: The Good Morning Sandwich

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you how to make my Good Morning Breakfast Sandwich. This is a quick and easy recipe that is sure to brighten your day and get you off to a good start. This recipe will take 25 minutes at the most, and is good not just for breakfast, but even in those times when you just need something good to eat.



  • 1 large egg
  • 2 pieces of bacon
  • 1 Ciabatta roll
  • 1/2 stick of butter (You may not need to use all of it. I like to use salted butter for this occasion)
  • 3 small slices of cheddar cheese


  • Medium frying pan
  • Small bowl
  • Spatula
  • Fork
  • Stove top

Step 1: Cook Your Egg

Take your egg and the small bowl. Crack your egg into the small bowl and dispose of the shells. With your fork, mix the egg until there isn't much separation. Get the pan started on the stove top. Set the stove to about medium heat, and place in about 1/4 inch of your stick of butter. Let this melt until it can mostly cover the bottom of you pan. This may take a minute or two to melt depending on how hot you pan is. Pour in your egg. With your spatula, try to shape your egg to about the size of your ciabatta roll. This isn't critical but it does help with the placing of the egg on your ciabatta. Cook your egg on both sides. Give it between 2-5 minutes on each side. I often check to see if it is starting to brown. The best time to flip it is when the underside is starting to brown. if there is any browning, it is time to flip. When done, place your egg on a plate, and keep the stove top on. We will need it for out next step.

Step 2: Toast Your Ciabatta

Now that you have cooked your egg, let's move to the ciabatta roll. First, we need to spread some butter on the roll. If you haven't already, cut your roll into 2 slices. Spread about 1/4 inch of the stick of butter on the cut sides of your 2 slices of ciabatta until the cut side is about covered. Place the slices in the pan. Let them toast in there for about 4 minutes or so. Keep checking about every minute see if they are toasting. Once when they have started to brown, take them off and place them one the plate with your egg.

Get your slices of cheese and place them in between the toasted ciabatta so that the cheese will melt in between them.

Step 3: Cooking the Bacon

Bacon! The most satisfying part of this meal has come. Get out your two pieces of bacon. This doesn't have to be just two pieces, but I find that two pieces of bacon creates a tasty ratio. Remember that pan we've been using, we will need it again. On the same heat as before, put the pieces of bacon in the pan. Since the pan is hot, these will cook quickly. I recommend flipping your bacon around every minute, to make sure you don't burn the bacon. Keep doing this until the bacon is cooked to your liking, or is crispy. Put the bacon on the plate with your ciabatta and egg.

Step 4: Building the Sandwich

With your bacon done, we can now construct the sandwich. Take your ciabatta with the cheese, and layer the egg inside. Do the same with the bacon. It is sometimes easier to cut your strips of bacon in half so they can fit in your ciabatta roll.


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