Nerf - "The Green Reach" Cosmetic Bow Mod

Introduction: Nerf - "The Green Reach" Cosmetic Bow Mod

Inspired by something I saw on deviantART (which I would link to if the artist hadn't decided to take it down). Definitely a cosmetic mod above all else, I doubt it has even scored one hit in a game. It's a high-class weapon, not really meant to tag people.

-Even though I made this years ago, the Longshot had been sadly discontinued at the time, so I used a bow as the base instead with the arms removed.
-I had just recently discovered auto body filler as a crafting material. I used it to fill in some holes left from where I cut off the foregrip and foresight. I also used it to smooth out spots on the shoulder stock and remove some of the wooden texture.
-The shoulder stock was cobbled together from 1/2in PVC pipes and connectors with thin wood panels screwed into the side. I mounted it to the rest of the body with dowels imbedded in the back and handle. All those screws didn't quite look right, so I wrapped the handle with some appropriately rustic cord.
-It wasn't quite long enough, so I bolted on a bunch of ABS and PETG pipes on the end to make the muzzle more interesting. To ensure I could still load and shoot it, I had to cut a window on the bottom of the muzzle tube.
-I originally intended to add LEDs all over, but that fell through when I couldn't run the wires through without snagging them everywhere. I might try again sometime.
-There are a bunch of other details I haven't photographed yet. A shoulder sling with a beaded bobble like the artist is fond of, a skeleton trigger, a compartment in the shoulder stock, and powderhorn poetry in a made-up alphabet.

...the more I look at this, the more I want to fix it up right. Then again, I've wanted to do that before and given up when it got too complicated. Stay tuned?

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    9 years ago

    Epic, man, looks like a tribal grenade launcher!