Introduction: The Guitar Is the Star

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This is an interesting project of mine.
I'm posting it here because it seems that someone has reposted my old Make:projects content here without my permission or any credit to the original author.

The original Story of my project by Matt Richardson from Make: Magazine is still there.

And here is my WordPress page from back in the day.

My broken old guitar was too nice to be scrapped.

Step 1: Prep Work

Metal ruler
Soldering iron
cordless drill
math compass
soft pencil

Relevant Parts:
broken guitar
Speakers (2)
Speaker wire
short wood screws (8)

Step 2: Speaker Positioning

I first measured out where I wanted to place the speakers using the ruler or a tape measure.

I measured out the centre of the guitar and drew a centre line parallel to the guitar neck (see picture).

I then used a math compass to draw the circles to be cut out.

Note: Make sure when drawing the circles to give the speakers enough distance from each other.

I suggest drawing the circle at the sound hole first as it will give you an idea as to how much space you have left to play with.

After drawing the second circle I began cutting.

I suggest weighing the guitar down with something heavy to prevent vibrations while cutting the holes with a jigsaw.

Start carefully and if there is too much
vibration add more weight.

After cutting out the first speaker hole I used the cordless drill to make a small hole in the centre of the second circle to be able to cut out the second speaker hole.

Step 3: Assembly

Next I drilled a hole in the bottom of the guitar to thread the speaker wires through.

Note: Give yourself enough slack and tie a knot to prevent accidentally ripping out the cables from the speakers.

I used the soldering iron to attach the wires to the speakers.

You may find that old speakers tend to have more than enough solder on them already to make a
good connection. (If not, just add a little extra. ;) )

Now all I needed to do is screw the speakers to the guitar using the wood screws.

I suggest first placing the speakers in as you see fit and marking out where the screws shall go in.

Then pre-drill the marked spots to prevent the wood from splintering and then turn the screws in.

Feel free if you like to then seal off the wire hole with some hot glue.

Step 4:

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