Introduction: The H.A.W.C (Highly Accurate War Crossbow) Version 10.0

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Check my H.A.W.C Version 1.0 too!

Here it is:
The last edition of the H.A.W.C:
Version 10.0.

It's a very strong and very powerful crossbow.
It has a range of 100 to 120 ft with 3 or 4 rubberbands.
Very fun to use when your shooting at targets.

-very powerful
-can take a punch
-unlike the first version, it has a small stock
-sights that actually work
-comfortable handle
-true trigger

- isn't accurate when front of barrel is removed

For short:
This is the best version of the H.A.W.C so it's very recommandable.

Step 1: Bullet Protection and Sights

This part isn't necassery but it protects you and it's a better aim.

Step 2: The Stock

This part is for your weapon to lean on you so, you can get a steadier shot.

Step 3: Handle

This part is for a more comfortable trigger pull.

Step 4: Stock 'n Handle Support

this part is the part where the stock is connected to the handle and in reverse.

Step 5: Front Handle

This part is for an even steadier shot.

Step 6: Accuracy Barrel

This part comes in handy when sniping.
actually this one comes in handy on every moment.

Step 7: The Trigger

This part is to lock the rubberbands in place.

Step 8: The Cross

this part is to hold the rubberbands in place.

Step 9: Barrel Strength Part

This part is for a more sturdy barrel.

Step 10: Barrel

This part is required, assuming it holds the whole thing together!

Step 11: Assembly

pic 1 barrel strength part + barrel
pic 2 put them together
pic 3 front handle + barrel
pic 4 put them together
pic 5 trigger + barrel
pic 6 put them together
pic 7 bow + barrel
pic 8 put them together
pic 9 accuracy barrel + barrel
pic 10 put then together
pic 11 Stock 'n Handle Support + trigger
pic 12 put them together
pic 13 stock + Stock 'n Handle Support
pic 14 put them together
pic 15 handle + Stock 'n Handle Support
pic 16 put them together
pic 17 Bullet Protection and Sights + barrel and trigger
pic 18 put them together

Crossbow Completed

View Step 12 on which bullet you should use.
View Step 13 on how to put the rubberbands.
View Step 14 on how to reload.

Step 12: Which Bullet

I tested very hard but this one came out of the barrel the quickest and had the longest airtime.

red connector + blue rod + grey connector

Step 13: The Rubberbands

Put the rubberbands as shown.

Step 14: How to Reload/Load

get the gun
pull the rubberbands back
load up the bullet
shove it all the way down the barrel
and FIRE!!!

Step 15: It's Done!!!

Well you've built yourself the best version of the H.A.W.C Series
Have freaking much fun with my knex gun!!!