Introduction: The Hash-tag Casserole

Before you start, you must know the background to the title of this casserole. The uniqueness of the ingredients individually and to the work of art itself will make you want to share with the world by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. I believe The Hash-tag Casserole is that good and set apart from any competition (if there is any). Some may say that this was created by someone rummaging through their pantry and fridge to make something for dinner. If you are one of those people, then you are correct. As a poor college student, you aren't able to go buy food every week from the grocery store. This sometimes causes you to use whatever ingredients you van find in the kitchen to make something somewhat descent to eat. This one occasion was a lucky one, because all the ingredients involved created a masterpiece. It is cheap, quick and easy to make. The approximate cost is between $10-$15. The time of preparation is around a solid 20 minutes.

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

There are a couple of kitchen supplies that are needed and several ingredients that are used to create the Hash-tag casserole.
  1. Casserole dish
  2. Skillet
  3. Non-stick frying pa
  4. Ore-Ida potatoes (dice cut)
  5. Del Monte Sweet Corn Cream Style
  6. Grade A Extra-Large Eggs
  7. Kraft Shredded Mild Cheddar
  8. Butter
  9. Milk (skim milk preferred)

Step 2:

First off, you would need to go ahead and turn on your stove top to a temp at Medium High or between 6 and 7 depending on the type of stove you have. Grab your skillet and approximately 2 tablespoons of Land O'Lakes butter so you can begin to grease the skillet and to also add flavor to your dish. This step is extremely important, because without your pan greased the potatoes and everything will stick and be charred and not taste appetizing.

Step 3:

Take out the Ore-Ida frozen diced potatoes and place about half of the bag into the skillet and begin to mix around. You may want to place more in the skillet for more than one person to eat, but the recipe I give is for only one person. When I cook the potatoes, the utensil that I have found the best to use is serving tongs so it is easier to mix and flip the potatoes. Cook until golden brown, but don't take them out just yet. You aren't quite done with them.

Step 4:

Go into your pantry, or if you are extra prepared, go ahead and take it off your counter, the Del Monte cream style corn. Open it up with a can opener and then pour into the same skillet with the potatoes. You will then mix the two together and do that for a good 5 min or until it boils, then take the potatoes and corn to add to the cooking dish. Cover the dish in tin foil and place the dish into the oven with the temperature set on 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing this will keep the cooked portions warm.

Step 5:

Grab the non-stick pan and your eggs. If cooking for one person, use 2 eggs. However, using 3 eggs would be best to fill the dish. Mix the eggs and 1/4 cup of milk in a cup or bowl. Then pour them into the pan to scramble the eggs. Make sure the eggs aren't runny unless you prefer them that way.

Step 6:

Once eggs are done, place them into the same dish with the corn and potatoes and stir thoroughly. Coat the dish with shredded mild cheddar cheese and then place back into the oven until the cheese is melted.

Step 7:

As you can see this recipe is very open to added ingredients or amounts per your preference. You may want to try this recipe my way once and then add or subtract whatever suits your taste. So grab a plate and a fork and dig in. Oh! Do not forget to turn your stove top and oven off. I would not want you to have to pay for reconstruction of your home.