Introduction: The Healthy Salad System

Hello there ! I would like to share with you my healthy salad system. I cook for my family but I am the only one who wants to change my eating habit to a greener one. This is what I thought up to save myself some time while preparing family meals.

Step 1: Prepare the Salad Base

I use a head of whatever salad greens is available at the grocery store. Go for different shades coz it will make your salad pretty.

Step 2: Wash Them Good !

I wash them 3 times, then give them a spin to get rid of the excess water. When chilled , they will be crunchy and the salad dressing won't get washed down.

Step 3: Cucumbers for Crunchiness, Tomatoes for Color Pop

Cherry tomatoes takes away the bane of slicing.

I then divide them up and got 2 big boxes of salad base.

Step 4: Eggs Are Good

Boiled eggs are a life saver when you don't know what to add in your salad. If anyone knows how to properly de-shell eggs, please share. I usually lose half my eggs de-shelling them.

I also boil red beans, job's tears and divide them up into ziploc bags. Then top them with frozen diced veggies ( corn/peas/carrots ) and freeze them. Each day I take a bag out of the freezer and leave it to defrost in the regular section of the fridge.

Step 5: Have a Salad Everyday

When meal time comes , I can customise my salad by adding a bit of whatever I cooked for my family. Could be some chicken, fish, or steaks to keep it from getting boring. I prepare a new batch of salad greens every 3-4 days and the frozen veggies/beans usually last me 2 weeks.

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