Introduction: The Helpful Handle

Everyone dreads walking in groceries. You throw on the first pair of shoes you see even if they are your mom's bright red high heels and walk out to the driveway. Dreading more than one trip you load every finger and inch of your arm with bags cutting all circulation off and quickly then scurry to the kitchen before your arm falls off. There is a much better solution to this problem: The Grocery Handle. Equipt with 3 hooks (more can be added) this tool eliminates the stress on your hands and arms when carrying in groceries.


Fusion 360 (PC or web version)

3D printer

Step 1: Sketch

All great ideas need pre-writing/brain storming/sketches.

Sketch different designs: different hooks, different handles, sizes, etc.

Step 2: Design

Log onto Fusion 360 either the web or PC version and create your design.

1) Make the 2D design that you sketched first with the line tool.

2) Then use the extrude feature to make it 3D. (Located in SOLID - CREATE - EXTRUDE)

Step 3: Print

Convert the file in Fusion to an .stl file and then send it on a flashdrive or wifi to your 3D printer.

To do this you go to the File Tab -> Export -> Export as .stl

Step 4: Print Settings

Print on the 2D side/the large face.

Print with an infill of 50% to assure durability.

No support is needed.

Step 5: Final Product:

The product you are left with is a durable comfortable grocery hook. In the picture above there is 4 bags, but this product is capable of holding 2-3 bags per hook.

Step 6: Files

Below I have added the .stl file of my part and the fusion file.

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