Introduction: The Holga Camera History

The concept of the original Holga camera was very straight forward - A minimal and inexpensive camera using medium format 120 film. It contained only the bare necessities for photo mechanisms and provided a cheap and accessible alternative for students and enthusiasts to dip their toes into the otherwise expensive world of medium format photography. When shooting with a Holga Camera make sure that your tape the camera shut at the bottom because you will have light leaks on your film, and if you took really great pictures the will all be ruined by those light leaks.

Step 1: ​Taking a Picture With Holga

Loading and Reloading the film is pretty self explanatory. The film is a 120mm Black & White Film and is loaded differently but just as easily done as a regular film camera. The only difference is with the Holga camera, your have to turn the knob at the top of the camera to advance the film and proceed taking pictures. *If your really wanted to, your don’t have to advance the film and your could do a double exposure picture. They could come out really beautiful or somewhat weird, either way, you could have some really cool pictures.

Step 2: Developing the Holga Film

Rolling the film into the developing roles is the same as the 35mm film rolling. Developing the film is the same as normal negatives. In the normal order, it goes:

#1 Pre-wash (1 Minute)

#2 Developer (For this type of film it’s 8.5 Minutes)

#3 Stop Bath (1 Minute)

#4 Fixer (5 Minutes)

#5 Water Wash (3 Minutes)

#6 Fixer Remover (3 Minutes)

#7 Photo Flo (1 Minute)

Step 3: The Process of Enlarging

The type of paper that would be used is double weight paper. That means, when putting through the chemistry, you would need to double the timing.

#1 Developer (3-4 Minutes) *Depending on the size of paper. Bigger the paper, longer minutes

#2 Stop Bath (1 Minute)

#3 Water Wash (1 Minute)

#4 Fixer (4 Minutes)

#5 Fixer Remover (2 Minutes)

#6 Water Wash (20 Minutes)

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