Introduction: The Hot Air Balloon

Hello everyone, my name is Mason and this is my hot air balloon. Follow me on my journey of the hot air balloon.

Step 1: Step 1: Getting the Balloon

I went to the the party store 50/50 where they had lots of balloons. I chose two classic glorious balloons. The red balloon worked the best. The blue one was 12 inches and the red one was 24 inches. I had the lady fill up the balloons with helium. Helium is stronger to lift the cup and toothpicks. I also got the toothpicks from 50/50.

Step 2: Step 2 Building the Balloon

When I was building this balloon, I had to make two hole in the cup and tie the balloon string between them. the helium in the 24 inch balloon took the cup right up to the ceiling. Then I started to add the tooth picks to the cup. I started off with 250 toothpicks in a box. I had to see hoe many it could hold and still float.

Step 3: Step 3 Finding How Many Toothpicks

I started with 250 toothpicks (representing people) and that was way to much weight for the balloon. It sank right to the floor. So I took out 150 exactly to make it 100 toothpicks. Still sunk right to the floor. I took out 70 to make it 30 toothpicks. It ended up being too light and went back up to the ceiling. So I added 20 more to make it 50 toothpicks and it finally floated. In the video it looked low but it worked well. Trust me. So a helium balloon could float with 50 toothpicks. I finished this project well and happy with my results. The point of my hot air balloon is to hold more people at one time.