Introduction: The Hybrid Omelet

I am sure everyone knows about the humble omelet that comes in handy when you are hungry, the following instructable shows my attempt over the traditional recipe with a twist , in case if anyone is wondering why its called as a hybrid omelet that's because its a cross between Spanish and cheese omelet,Hope you enjoy and relish it.

Step 1: Things You Ll Need

Main Ingredients:-

-Onions (1 or two depending on how much onions you like in your omelet)
-Potato   (one big potato should be enough)
-Mozzarella cheese (This again depends on your taste)
-Green chilly (2 or 3)

Additional stuff

-Soy sauce
-Chilly flakes
-Salt and pepper

Tools for the job:-

-A non stick pan like this one(

Step 2: Lets Get Things Going

-Chop the onions into long pieces
-Do the same with potato
-Cook the chopped potato in a microwave for about 4-5 minutes  with some salt.

Step 3: Lets Crack Some Eggs

Put the both egg white and yolk in a bowl and mix thoroughly  add some chilly powder and salt while mixing and keep aside

Step 4: Lets Get Cooking!!

-Take the non stick frying pan add some oil, fry the onions and green chilies for some time(about  2-3 minutes) add some salt while you are doing this

-After the above step add the cooked potatoes and continue frying 

-optionally you can add some chili flakes and some pepper to make it even spicier 

-Now for the climax after all the frying add some soy sauce all over give it a nice flip and make sure the sauce gets all over the pan,
the amount of sauce you add is a crucial factor too much sauce will ruin it ,about two tea spoons should be good

Step 5: Get Those Eggs

-Now spread the fried onions and potatoes evenly on the frying pan,take the egg from step 3 and nicely pour it all around the pan
-Do this process very slowly so you wont spill any of the stuff
-Let it cook in medium flame slowly
-Its done when you can see the upper layer becoming hard

Step 6: The Final Step

-When you know its all most done i.e the upper surface is becoming hard its time to add the cheese,add as much as you want,top it up with some chili flakes 

-Carefully transfer the omelet into a plate