Introduction: The Hydro Sphere

In places like Bourem Mali, people walk miles just to get some water, water that can very easily be non-purified, and then they walk miles back, except now with large amounts of water, making for a more difficult way back; with The Hydro Sphere we eliminate those two problems very effectively.

The Hydro Sphere is an innovative product that can help eradicate the water-related problems that we see far too often in many places. The Water Sphere includes a simplistic but very efficient water filtration system, and making the arduous job of taking the water back to wherever people need to take it far more undemanding, allowing people to get water much more freely.

Step 1: Acquire the Parts to Make the Hydro Sphere!

The general idea of our entire project is a ball that can filter water, hold water, and move water; our hope is to make The Hydro Sphere do all of this efficiently; to make this, you will need the following found below:

- A Globe with a diameter of 16 inches and a circumference near 50.24 (The inside of the Globe needs to be accessible so that you can coat the inside with Plastidip)

- A Filter (with a hole drilled through the bottom of it, to make water more accessible)

- Filter Paper

- Sand

- Activated Charcoal

- Plastidip for creating a water-proof inside inside the Globe

-Cups & Spoons can help with Organization

- Drill for making two holes

- Box-cutters for making a larger hole

- Super-glue for holding your Globe together

- Pegs for keeping the Filter in place

- PVC Pipe

- Belt

Once you've acquired all of these items, you can start building The Hydro Sphere! Look at the following pages to see the actual steps in making The Hydro Sphere.

Step 2: Setting Up the Filter

The initial step in making The Hydro Sphere is making your filter! To make your filter you'll need the following materials:

- Filter

- Filter Pads

- Sand

- Charcoal

- Something for the Filter to be held in

Now that you've gotten all of the materials, you can start the steps to making the filter! The very first thing you should do is cut up the filter pads into smaller circles, circles that can fit easily inside the filter, but without allowing sand or charcoal to escape through the sides. The next thing you should do is start crushing up the charcoal so that it can be used as charcoal dust. After you've gotten around a fifth of a cup of charcoal dust, keep it somewhere safe; you're now ready to start making the filter! Now it's time for you to start assembling the filters order, the order of the filter should be:

Bottom Layer: Cut Filter Pad

Second Layer: 3/4th of a cup of Sand

Third layer: Cut Filter Pad

Fourth Layer: 1/3rd of a cup of Charcoal Dust

Fifth Layer: Cut Filter Pad

Final Layer: 3/4th of a cup of Sand

After that's all been constructed, you've completed your filter, congrats! You'll want to pour some water through your filter three or four times to allow your filter to get cleaner, but that shouldn't be too hard. Now that your filter's done, it's time to move onto the next step: preparing the Globe!

Step 3: Setting Up the Globe

A forewarning for this part of the Instructables Tutorial: This section hasn't been tested that far, meaning there's a possibility for mistakes.

The main materials that you'll need to have acquired for making your Globe are:

- Globe

- Plastidip

- Super Glue

- Drill

- Pegs for getting your Filter held inside of the Globe

Using your previously acquired Globe, you need to start setting up the inside and outside of your Globe to become water-resistant with your also previously acquired Plastidip. Open up your Globe so that you're able to interact with the inside easily, and then start using the Plastidip on the inside. After you've done that, give it a bit of time to dry and then you can put the Globe back together with super-glue, and then you'll also need to give that a bit of time to dry. Once that's all dried you can proceed to coating the outside of the Globe with Plastidip, and then you're done with the coating process! Now that that's all done you can move onto making the three holes you'll need for the Globe; the middle one, the top, and bottom one. To start with, you can create the middle one - to make this you should get the cap of the Filter and trace it on the middle of your Globe, in-between both lines of your Globe, and then cut it out with box-cutters. Once you've made your middle hole you can proceed to the other ones. To start with, you'll want to get a spot ready to be drilled through in both the bottom and top of the Globe, and then once you've gotten it drilled, you're done with the holes! Now that you've completed the water-proofing and hole-making process, you'll move onto the last step for making The Hydro Sphere; getting the Filter set up inside your Globe! You'll want to use pegs for keeping the Filter in place inside the Globe itself, so the Filter won't get tossed around or anything, and then you're done with that part! Using the previously acquired PVC and Belt, you'll be able to make a triangle-like design, and attach a belt/rope/anything that allows people to hold onto it, really - the design should look something like the picture above. Once you've gotten that set up you're now done with The Hydra Sphere!

Thanks for reading this Instructables Tutorial, if more information is needed, feel free to ask here - thanks!