Introduction: The IKEA Charging Box - No More Cable Mess! Very Easy to Do

Based on what I read on the web about cable clutter and mess ( mobile phone, PDA, iPod, etc. -chargers), I figured out how to make a simple and very easy to do charger box.

I made this especially regarding its simplicity and, why not, discrete and cool looks. Ah, and light weight plus reduced volume. You can place such a box anywhere.

Now I use in my home 2 boxes like that and they really saved me a lot of effort and stress, because all those cables (besides of being simply ugly lying on the floor) gather a lot of dust bunnies, like a fishermans net, when they lie around on the ground one on top of another.

Plus my cell phones, PDA, camera, electric razor all share now the same spot when they charge; and even when they are not. It helped not to place my phones/camera/other devices in the entire house any more, without any logic. Can you believe me, I almost lost one of my phones in the house because of that? Not a nice feeling when you're in a hurry not to be late at work..

Step 1: Ikea Box

Buy a box like that from IKEA.
Or just buy any similar box you can get at any store. Make sure it is not too small.

Step 2: Drill the Box!

Drill the box by using a larger drill bit, like the one shown in the video

Step 3: The Cables

Put the power cable inside, the chargers, and connect them.
You've done it, no more cable clutter! ;)
No more dust collectors.

Very easy to do and simply great. And cheap too!