Introduction: The INFINITY Cube Out of Paper

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The INFINITY Cube is a great origami project. It requires 48 pieces of paper, so definitely a time commitment, but not to worry, it's mostly a lot of repetition.

Step 1: Materials Required

So, I only used yellow paper but in Step 7 I draw different colored circles on each side to make it easier to tape, but if you have colored paper, you'll need 6 different colors and no markers.
Required: 48 squares of paper and Tape
Optional: Markers or Colored Paper

Step 2: Fold Your Square in Half

Pretty easy step.

Step 3: Fold the Edges Into the Middle

Another easy step.

Step 4: Flip It Over

Almost done with your first unit!

Step 5: Fold the Top and Bottom Edges Into the Middle

First unit done! Make 5 more of these and we’ll get into how to form your first cube.

Step 6: Take 1 Piece and Put It Over Another Piece, Just Build Along the Pieces

This is where the pictures will really come in, they should help. After this step, your first cube is done and you’ll need 7 more.

Step 7: Tape the Sides Up, and Optional Draw Your Circles

Again, you can skip drawing circles if you have colored paper, but having these different colored circles really helps in the taping process. Also, dissemble your cube to draw the circles and reassemble the cubes in the same way each time, making sure that each color is in the same place as the other cubes, and THEN tape it up. Make sure to do ALL the sides like this. In the second picture, the cube is taped up.

Step 8: Time to Assemble! Formation Is Important So Stick With Me Here

Each cube has six distinct colors. There should be 3 pairs of colors on your cube. The sides opposite to each other, are pairs. On my cube, the pairs are dark blue and green, pink and purple, and indigo and light blue. In the first picture you can see that the pink and purple circles need to touch. In the second picture they are ready for the next step.

Step 9: Tape at the Top Squares and the Bottom Squares

Pretty easy step.

Step 10: Now Flip It Over and Put Tape There

Do this to top and bottom. Follow the pictures, seeing it in the pictures make more sense. The fourth picture is what it should look like after this step.

Step 11: Now, Take a Look at the Sides

You’re going to tape the edges. Look at the picture and follow along. Only do it to this side, for now.

Step 12: Next, You’re Going to “Open the Book” and Then Tape That Side

Do this to both pieces of 3. As always, follow the pictures!!!

Step 13: At This Point, You Should Have 2 Separate Pieces of 3 Cubes and 2 Cubes That Are Separated

This step is just to check that you’re in the right place. The picture is how it should look for now.

Step 14: Then, You’re Going to Tape the Other Edge, Then “open the Book” to Put Tape on That Side

Repeat what you did on the other edge and do this to both pieces.

Step 15: Now, Your 2 Pieces Should Look Like This

Almost to the last step!

Step 16: Last Step! Flip Over Your Pieces and Tape the Middle Pieces, Also You Can “open the Book” and Tape That Side But You Don’t Have To

Great job! YOU DID IT!!!!!

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