Introduction: The Illusion of the Inverted Arrow

Hello my name is Felix and today I bring you'll something really good that you will like and love

Are you boring and you don't know what to do well I got something for you that you can do really easily and it will not take you to much time to do it, this project is really easy to do and is really fun to do because you can call you friends and tell them that you doing a magic trick but is just a reflective arrow

Material :

-A transparent glass

-A cardboard or a white paper

-A pencil or a market

-Water at less 5 to 7 OZ



Step 1:

Put the transparent glass somewhere were is really flat, and make sure to look if the glass is clean and dry.
If the glass is not clean is best to clean it for best results.

Step 2:

with the ruler measure a 4 inches long and 3 inches wide and them with the pencil stripe the lines on the white paper or cardboard after you finish this cut the paper or the cardboard

caution: scissors can be sharp

warning: If you are under 10 years old you should ask an adult person for help to cut the paper

Step 3:

With the pencil or with the market make two arrows on the paper or cardbord looking to a same direction.

Step 4:

After you finish step 3 put something behide the paper or cardbord so it can't fall and it can support by them self.

Step 5:

Now put the transparent cup in from of the paper or cardbord
Make sure that the paper and the cup are about 5 to 6 inches far from each other.

Step 6:

After you finish step 5 now put the water on the cup and make sure that the water is on the medium of the two arrows

Step 7:

See the magic look at the transparent glass and coment what you see.