Creating a Jell-O Brain Mold




Introduction: Creating a Jell-O Brain Mold

Learning objective:  By creating a brain mold out of Jell-O, students will be able to better identify and recognize basic structures of the brain. 

This project is optimal for high school anatomy and physiology students.  It will be imporant for students to know how to make for when we dive into our unit on the nervous system and can manipulate it as if it were a real brain. 

Step 1: Purchase Materials

Each student will need to purchase 2 packets of Jell-O (their choice of color/flavor), and a package of saran wrap.  They will also need measuring cups, a large plastic bowl, a mixing spoon, a twist tie and a permanent marker.

Step 2: Prepare the Jell-O

To prepare the Jell-O you will need mix the two packets of Jell-O and 2 cups of hot water in the plastic bowl.  Once the Jell-O is dissolved in the hot water you add two cups of cold water.  Set this mixture in the fridge for at least 12 hours.  This time will allow for the Jell-O to become consistent enough.

Step 3: Wrapping the Jell-O

To begin the molding, place 2 2-foot pieces of saran wrap next to each, slightly overlapping.  You may then pour the Jell-O from the bowl onto the saran wrap.  To fold up, pull all 4 corners towards each other and continue to do so with the edges until there are no opening for the Jell-O to seep out of.  Use the twist tie to hold the edges together and then flip over so the closed end is underneath and out of sight.

Step 4: Design the Mold

To make your brain mold look realistic, use a permanent marker to add lines that look like you are drawing twisted pipes all over.  The very back make the drawing more dense to represent the cerebellum, which will also be a set point for recognizing other areas of the brain.  And Congrats you are done! This finalized brain mold will later be used for hands-on identifying structures of the brain and for a later project depicting brain injuries.

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