Introduction: The Improved, Improved Outer Tactical Vest Stand!

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Here is a IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest) or body armor stand that I made for my office in Camp Bucca Iraq.   This vest weighed almost 65LBS.  While a bunch of people made similar designs, I took the time to make a “locking” bottom so I could store my Protective Mask and Combat Lifesaver bag.  I even counter sunk the screw heads and made plugs (using a leather punch) to put into the holes and sanded them flat.  This means that you couldn’t just unscrew the top and get inside.  This entire stand was made with items found in the metal scrap yard.  (yes, all the wood was in there as well.)  Talk about re-purposing!

I wish I would have thought to take pictures of it while I was building it, but I didn’t know about ‘ilbes back then!

Note, I was inspired to post this (and other) slideshow as a result of Frosty865’s question.  Here is a link to it…

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