The Jackpack

Introduction: The Jackpack

We started the day at MakerBay in Tsuan Wan, Hong Kong. Here we learnt about the contest and the process to transforming trash to treasure. This is the process we took towards making a mix between a jacket and a backpack, available for everyone to make and use. its stylish, comfortable and useful.

The Jackback will contain pockets including one for a laptop, and others for money, phones, charger etc.

There will also be a solar panel, connected to the portable battery to charge your phone or other electronic devices.

Step 1: Find Trash

  • Look around to find trash that inspire you
  • We chose to use a broken tent because it's waterproof
  • We also chose old wallets. We plan using wallets to make pockets

Step 2: Decide What You Are Making Using the "trash"

  • Brainstorm idea of using the trash
  • Interview people to learn more about how to design using the trash

Step 3: Measurement

  • Start measuring the size of the Jackpack

Step 4: Draw Template

  • Use your measurement to create a template on a long piece of paper
  • Start designing the backpack for the jacket

Step 5: Start Cutting Your Template Out

  • After having drawn the template onto your material, start cutting it out.

Step 6: Sew All Parts Together

  • Sew the sides of the body together
  • Then sew the sleeves onto the body
  • flip it inside out to sew the backpack on
  • add the top to the backpack
  • Sew all pockets and attach solar panel.

Step 7: Jackpack

  • Then is finished

Trash to Treasure

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    2 years ago

    Very clever!!

    Was this part of a school assignment? I'm curious about the background to this project, please share : )