Introduction: The JellyFish Shot

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Looks like a jellyfish swimming in you shot glass. Learn how to make this crazy party shot to amaze your friends! Check it Out!


Heres a cool layered party shooter thats easy to learn and fun 2 make.
all you need is some irish cream, some creme de cacao, a lil ammeretto a few drops of grenadine, and a spoon.

Step 2: LAYER 1

First Take the spoon upside down and gently layer the amaretto on top of the creme de cacao. This technique can take a lil bit tricky, but by the 2nd or third drink u should be able to master it

Step 3: LAYER 2

Next, carefully layer the Irish creme on top of the amaretto, make sure to pour slowly and let the Irish creme run down the inside of the glass.

Step 4: 3 Layers

Now your shot should look something like this.

and now its time for the fun part!

Step 5: The Fun Part!

Now gently add 3-4 drops of grenadine and watch the jellyfish swim!