Introduction: The Jetiqui SSR

'S- 'Sling-shot
'S- 'Sniper
'R- 'Rifle

This was my first Instructable but i have made alot of k'nex guns

-High power and accuracy
-Didn't test it yet but can shoot with power for 40 feet
-Very low piece count for a sniper
-Won't jam (if made correctly)
-Easily modified
-Can shoot through a empty cereal box
-It can break the skin at point blank range
-2nd Handle
-True trigger

  • = fixed in V2

-Very slow reload time
*-It can break if not loaded right*
*-Not very practical for indoor K'nex wars*
-It can break the skin at point blank range
-No stock

It would be easy to put on a better handle,scope,stock,draw-string for easy loading & possibly a mag ,clip or auto loader feel free to mod my gun without consent, just mention my name.

sorry if some of the terminologie is wrong im pretty new

Step 1: Peices

These are the pieces you will need.
Sorry about the sideways
You wont need much of any other pieces

You do need to long bendy peices(gray size)

Step 2: The Handle

1-just follow the pictures pretty easy
2-clip the white piece on
3-clip the shorter one in the middle
4-clip the last one on
5-done the handle

Step 3: The Top Part of the Barrel

This one is the hardest part of the gun and if u get it wrong it will be hard to fix
It sholdnt be to hard if your experienced at knex guns

Step 4: Bottom Part of the Barrel

Pretty simple just follow the pictures.

The little blue connectors can be replaced with mostly anything

Step 5: The Trigger

This is the trigger pretty simple

look at the notes i made a mistake on it ,sorry

p.s. its design is from RMCONSTRUCTION

Step 6: Some Other Bits

1.sorry there was a mistake pretty simple
2.pretty simple follow the pics
3.make these
4.clip them on like so
5. put it togetherput them together

6.make this
7.make this

Step 7: Assembely

1.clip together
2.put this on
3.another mistake just look at the notes
4.just clip them on both sides
5.different angle
6.put these on

Step 8: Put on the Elastics

Step 9: Loading & Pulling the Trigger

Loading can be difficult but after some practice is easy

1. put the bullet in first
2.then pull the elastic back and hook onto the green connector piece

Step 10: 2nd Handle Optional

Its not very strong mostly for looks
It would be easy to make a better handle but i ran out of pieces :(