Introduction: The Jetsons

Halloween is my favorite holiday, without a doubt. I'm lucky to have a family who loves to go all out for the holiday. This year we are the Jetsons. Family of the future. Seems appropriate living in a world of smartphones, laptops, flat screen TVs and digital cameras. My name is Corey, or Jane Jetson in this case. Jay, seen as George Jetson, is my boyfriend. Elroy Jetson in our son, also known as, Banyan.

I made all three costumes for right around $100.00 in materials. I used about seven yards of fabric, several yards of 14 gauge jewelry wire, a few strips of velcro, some elastic, hot glue, duck tape and a few items I had laying around the house. My sewing machine did most of the work. It took me a little over a month to make these in my spare time.

Step 1: Jane Jetson

I couldn't find any 'how-to videos' on making the Jetson's costumes and I'm not a seamstress so I had to basically learn how to make clothes.

I started with my own costume, Jane Jetson. I decided to make the outfit a skirt and sleeveless top instead of a dress. I took my measurements and drew my own pattern for a top. Cut out the pieces from 2 yards of dark purple fabric, pinned them together and started sewing. Added buttons down the back for a better fit, also making it easier to get on and off. Next I watched a YouTube video on making circle skirts to help make a pattern for the skirt. I made the skirt two layers, the top layer being the same shade as the sleeveless top. The bottom layer is a couple inches larger than the top layer of the skirt. I added thin elastic to the waistband, connecting both layers of the skirt. Hemmed the bottom of both layers of the skirt, leaving a gap to add wire to both hems for a flared hoop-skirt look. Once I added enough wire to get the look I desired, I wrapped the ends together and duck taped them, then sewed the rest of the hem.

I used remnants from the light purple fabric to make shoe covers, using a hot glue gun to attach the covers to an old pair of slip-on shoes. I cut out the triangle collar from a cardboard box, cut a hole in the middle for my neck and a slit in the back to get it on and off. Since I'd have to bend the collar to get it on and off I duck taped some wire onto it for sturdiness so it would lie flat again. Next, using my sewing machine, I covered it in half a yard of white fabric. I used two and a half cans of spay-in orange hair color and wore a pair of purple tights. Finished off my look with four bangle bracelets and pearl earrings I had at the house.

Step 2: Elroy Jetson

Next, I started working on Elroy's costume for my son. I found a pattern online for toddler sized overalls. I printed the pattern, cut it out and taped it together. I traced the pattern onto two yards of green fabric and cut the pieces out. Using my sewing machine, I stitched everything together according to the instructions and added Velcro on the overall straps. Used a black sharpie to draw on the pocket on the front. He wore a plain white T shirt under the overalls.

I made the shoe covers by laying pieces of leftover green fabric over his shoes, pinning the seams and sewing everything together. Added an elastic strap to go under his shoe to hold them in place. Made the collar exactly like my triangle collar, just a different color and shape.

Made the hat by pinning triangle shaped scraps of green fabric together, using a hat that he already had as a pattern. Sewed the pieces together. Covered a piece of cardboard, cut in the shape of the bill of a hat, with fabric to make the brim. Twisted up some jewelry wire into the shape of the antenna on Elroy's hat, then hand-sewed it into place. Added an elastic strap under the chin to keep the hat on Banyan's head.

I made him a bag to resemble the lunch pale Elroy used in the cartoon. Bought a square fabric bag at a thrift store and used leftover fabric and felt to cover it. He used it as a candy bag while trick or treating.

Step 3: George Jetson

Now on to George Jetson's costume for Jay. I started by using a white collared shirt that he didn't wear anymore. I cut a slit in the back of the collar and added more white fabric so the collar opened wider. I also took in the fabric by the top front button and button hole to open up the top of the shirt more. I used a hot glue gun to add the three black stripes, made out of felt.

For the pants, I made a pattern out of pants that he had in his closet, cutting them out of a couple yards of blue fabric. Accidentally sewed the wrong pieces together the first time and had to use a stitch cutter to cut the threads and try again. That was a pain but you live and you learn. Once finished, I added an elastic waistband so they'd fit him.

I made his shoe covers out of another white collared shirt that was too small. Using the front and back of the shirt, I covered his tennis shoes, pinning the pieces together, then sewing. Made them into boots by using the sleeves of the shirt, adding an elastic band at the top to hold them up on his legs and then sewed the other end to the rest of the shoe cover. Added a couple of elastic straps to hold them on his shoes. I made the rings around the top of his boots using more of the jewelry wire. I just hand sewed them onto the back of the shoe covers.

I made the green belt using some extra fabric from Elroy's costume. Added a strip of Velcro to hold it on his waist. A spray can of red hair color completed George Jetson's costume.

Step 4: Nailed It!

You know you nailed it when people sing the Jetson's theme song while you walk up to their house trick or treating. I was shocked at how well these costumes turned out. It was the hair color that really made them pop. I wasn't so sure about the costumes until Halloween night. We received countless compliments and ended up in quite a few random people's Halloween photos. We had a lot of fun dressing as such a well-known cartoon family and pulling it off so well. Can't wait till next year!

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