Introduction: The Kinno-1: K'nex Semi Automatic Rifle (preview)

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Greetings fellow 'iblers.

Kinetic and Innovanna here with a revolutionary new gun that we feel confident in deeming the most powerful semi-automatic K'nex gun in existence: the Kinno-1.

The concept was conceived by a builder named Innovanna over a year ago, and only a month ago I discovered his video on Youtube describing his first attempt at the concept.  Intrigued, I contacted him with some ideas of my own, and about two weeks ago we began using Skype to brainstorm and show each other our ideas.  The Kinno-1 utilizes a removable rubber band magazine that releases each band individually to fling bullets provided by a removable bullet magazine.  The result is an extremely powerful semi automatic sling gun.

Now, the way we approached this, Innovanna and I  began with the same overall layout, but then branched off in our own directions in an effort to experience as many possibilities as we could.  Now that we each have a working gun, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, we would like to give you, the community, a chance to evaluate the strengths of each version so that we can create a final version, using the best of both.

We currently have videos if each gun, but they provide a limited view if their capabilities.  We will provide more in-depth videos very soon so that you can make proper evaluations.  We will also get more pictures up as soon as possible (Innovanna is out adventuring in the wilderness at the moment, and is unable to send me up-to-date pictures of his at this time).

So, without further hesitation, we present to you the Kinno-1

Kinetic's Demo

Innovanna's Demo
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