Introduction: The Klausner Machine :: Hear Your Plants

About: Argentine writer and inventor

Roald Dahl wrote a short story named The Sound Machine. There, an inventor named Klausner develops a machine to hear plants painful shrieking noises when they are cut.

Based on that idea I've made The Klausner Machine. In this case sounds are generated according to plant soil moisture conditions. Dry soil -> pain sounds Humid soil -> happy sounds


  • 1 Arduino Nano
  • 1 Soil Moisture Sensor
  • 1 DfPlayer Mini
  • 1 MicroSD Card
  • 1 4Ohm Speaker
  • 2 Analog Vumeter
  • 1 Led
  • 1 Switch
  • 1 Button
  • Some cables

Step 1: Electronics

  • Soil Sensor to 3.3v, Ground and A0
  • DFPlayer 3.3v, GND SPK1 and SPK2 to Speaker, RX to D10 TX to D11.
  • Analog Vumeters to GND and D5 / GND y D6
  • Led D9 and Ground
  • Potentiometer to 3.3v, GND and D11.
  • Button to GND and D2
  • Switch between 5V and VIN.

Step 2: Case

For the case you can use cardboard or use a 3d printer. I will upload STL files to my account in Thingiverse soon.

Step 3: Source Code

In this link you can find complete source code for The Klausner Machine Just upload using your Arduino IDE

Step 4: Demo

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