Introduction: The Knex GHLH (Generic Handle Loading Handgun)

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Hello again!
As promised, here is the GHLH! (not the Deagle anymore)
I made a M9 Kind of gun, but it turned out bad, then i made it a bit Deagle ish but it didn't look like a deagle, so I re-named it after many comments of you guys.
Let's get started! the gun doesn't need much pieces, so it should be no problem to build
Here are some Pro's and Con's
Not too big
With power (firing range up to 8 meters or 24 Feet)
Quite Comfy, actually
easy to build
Trigge blocks Behind the handle
No Piece Modifications
Jammes once in a while
Jammes faster if u load more bullets
those are the pro's and con's.
Onto some credit:
Credit to I_am_Canadian for the trigger idea an system
Onto Step 1! the parts list
good luck building it!

Step 1: Parts List

A pretty Small Parts List:
Green Rod: 48
White Rod: 34
Blue Rod: 6
Gray Rod: 1
Dark Gray: 11
Light Gray: 2
Orange / Black: 10
Yellow: 24
White: 14
Green: 3
Special Parts:
Y-Clip: 21
Female Ball Conector: 1
Hinge: 1
Blue Clip: 2
Tan Clip: 3
TOTAL: 181

Step 2: The Handle / Magazine

Time to make the first part, the handle!
1: what we're going to make
2: make all this
3: make and collect this
4: put the plates from pic 2 together
5: add white rods
6: put the insides in
7: add the last plate
Done, Yes!

Step 3: The Back of the Gun

this is the back of the gun
1: what we are making
2: make all this
3: make this too
4: an other angle
5: make this
6: different view
7: top view
8: take these
9: put together like so
10: slide this in
11: and attach
12: add these plates
13: different view of the result
14: what u should end up with
Done with the back of the gun!

Step 4: The Barrel

Time to make the barrel!
1: what we are making
2: make and collect, and read the image notes!
3: Make these too, and collect another white rod
4: make this
5: a different view
6: add a white rod on this plate as shown
7: add this part
8: add more whit rods
9: slide this on the recently addad rods
10: a different view
11: add the last plate
12: a different angle
13: what u should end up with
Done with the barrel

Step 5: The Trigger Part 1

The trigger is seperated in two pieces, this is part one
1: what we're making
2: build this
3: make this aswell
4: put them together and add two dark gray conectors
5: add a blue rod
6: add these
7: add a tan clip and a dark gray conector like shown
Done with the first part of the trigger!

Step 6: The Trigger Part 2

The second part of the trigger:
1: what we are going to make
2: make
3: make
4: different view
5: attach like shown
6: what u should end up with

Step 7: Assembly

Assembly Time!
1: what u should have now
2: attach te barrel to the handle
3: take these parts
4: and put them together
5: an other angle
6: close up of the insides
7: attach tis new part to the rest
8: take the trigger
9: slide the hinge in here
10: connect the trigger
11: connect these blue rods with the dark gray conectors from trigger part 2
12: what u should end up with
if u pull the trigger then trigger part 2 should move, if not, you did something wrong
if it does what it should do, then done!

Step 8: The Ram and Rubber Bands

This step is important if u want to shoot with my gun
1: this is the ram, in the taped part is an orange conector. u can do without taping, but I highly suggest it
2: this is your mag pusher, make it
3: here are u going to put the ram rod in
4: like so
5: add bands to the trigger
6: and finallyadd 1 or more bands to the ram
done, that was easy, right?

Step 9: Loading and Firing

The last step!
1: the gun and the ammo, so collect if u want to shoot
2: load shots like so
3: put the mag pusher in like shown
4: and add a rubber band
5: done!
load the gun like explained above
then pull the ram way back, behind the trigger part 2
then put your finger on the trigger and pull it back to own a lot xD
again, i am not responsible for any damage done with my gun
have fun with it! you can go running around in your house with this by the way, because the blocking system is double and secure.
Good hunting!