Introduction: The JENGA Hack

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Who doesn't love Jenga , this was my one of the favourite time pass game , I could spend hours playing them.After I came to college I lost all those, Recently I and my friends decide to Play Jenga one night ,I went to the local store to get them but the classic ones were out of stock.

I had to buy the colourful one but I wanted to mod this and made this more interesting .

So here is my attempt to make a Laser engraved Jenga I hope you like it .

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Step 1: Thing You Will Need

To make this project you will need Jenga blocks

Buy it from Amazon link :;

You will also need a Laser Engraver /Cutter.

I am using a cheap laser engraver.

And a lot of patience and time

Step 2: Prepare Template

I have attached the template with this Download this

Open in Photoshop Change the Text and put your text.
I found my truth and dares from this site

Save the file as JPEG or BMP depending on your laser engraver .
Mine has JPEG support but other doesn't provide this feature, you will need a BMP file there.

The Burn time for my software was 195 s.
Remember to set it before starting engraving .

Step 3: Start Engraving

First Ensure the block is in position, mine had elastic bands to ensure that the block doesn't move when the machine is working .

what will happen if I don't use the bands ?

If you don't use the band your print might get distorted which is not desirable.

Use carving preview to check where the print will occur .
Adjust with your requirement either by changing the block position or the using the software positioning key.

Then Wear your safety goggles and start engraving .

Step 4: Time to Play Jenga

It will take some time to finish all the blocks I made 10 dares and 10 trues , You can also add riddles that would be more fun.

The game is like this if you take a true /dare you will have to do it or you will be eliminated .

The more bad-ass the dare and trues the more is the fun.

Next time all we get together we will be playing with the modded Jenga blocks

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