Introduction: The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tinkercad

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa was built over 199 years.It is leaning because the Foundation was just 3 metre deep and was in soft soil.

The building of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tinkercad is a bit complicated.Follow the steps written below for designing the tower in Tinkercad

But first you need to complete all the basic lessons in Tinkercad


Step 1: The Base

Dimensions of the base cylinder are



height-20mm Make the number of sides as 64

Step 2: Detailing of the Base

Construct another cylinder of dimensions:-




Make the number of sides as 64. Embbed cylinder halfway in the earlier cylinder, Duplicate it and place it on the opposite side of the small cylinder. Align and group both of them.

Duplicate the grouped cylinders 3 times and place them each other at an angle of 45 degree.

Step 3: First Layer-Part One

Build one more cylinder of dimensions


breadth-50mm and

height 15mm

Make the number of sides as 64.

Now take one more cylinder with original dimension. Build one cuboid of dimension Length-55cm breadth-20cm height-20cm Align and group them as shown in the image Rotate and make its dimensions as follows length-5mm breadth-5mm height-12cm Embbed the solid into the cylinder.

Step 4: First Layer-Part Two

Duplicate the newly made solid specified in step 4 and place the duplicate exactly opposite to it.Make it a "hole".

Align it and group it. Duplicate it 7 times and place the duplicates at an angle of 22.5 degrees from each other.Refer The image for better understanding.

Step 5: First Layer-Part Three

Duplicate the solid.

Now make another cylinder of dimensions




Now place this cylinder on the first layer duplicate.Align it and group it. Drag it to the top of the base and align it to the base.

Step 6: The Multiple Layers

Duplicate the first layer (which is placed on the base)5 times and

place them on the top of each other. Align everything to each other and group it. See The above image for better understanding.

Step 7: Final Layer-Part One

Take another cyinder of dimensions




Make the number of sides as 64.

Step 8: Final Layer- Part Two

Now duplicate the above cylinder and make the dimensions as




Make it a "hole" and align it to the original cylinder as shown in the image.

Step 9: Final Layer-Part Three

Again duplicate the cylinder made in Step 8.

Make its dimensions as-




Place this cylinder on the top of the original cylinder and align it Refer the image.

Step 10: Final Layer- Part Four

Take the "Solid" formed in step 4.Make it a "hole" and embedd it in the "Solid"

formed in Step 10. Adjust the height and duplicate times and place it an angle of 45 degree from each other. Align and group it. The final layer is ready. See the image for better understanding.

Step 11: Aligning the Final Layer to the Tower

Place the final layer on the top of the tower.

Align the tower and group all the layers. Refer the image.

Step 12: Final Touch

Rotate the tower to the right at 5 degree.(See the image)

Now for 3d printing we need to have a flat base. Make a Cylindrical shaped base and Group it with the Tower. Color the tower with a mix shade of brown and grey. The Leaning Tower of pisa is ready.

Step 13: Conclusion

The 3d printing of the model will reflect the the intricacies of the monument.

Download The stl file for 3d Printing.

Download The svg file for Laser Cutting