Introduction: The Leviathan + Special Sneak Peak?!

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What's up guys, Ben_the_Builder here with the shotgun i previewed with my T.D.M.R. (The Dual Mag Rifle). I was screwing around with this gun for a while, and couldn't perfect it. I had issues with a few of the pieces and the band ratio was always juuuuuust the slightest bit off, too powerful, not enough, mag bands weren't strong enough, too weak... the trigger bands... it was a mes, and looked like a mess.. but it worked! Thus being so, i decided to share with you guys my latest 'Ible.. The'Leviathan' 

I'll give you a quick run down before i give you instructions, so you don't just rush ahead. Ooh! one last thing, i HIGHLY recommend you look at the pictures that have edits on them because there are PURPOSEFULLY broken rods, i also HIGHLY recommend you DON'T purposefully break the connectors if you don't have to! take an already broken piece and modify it to your liking, BE RESOURCEFUL!

- VERY powerful for its size.
- Extendable to an 8-12 round magazine, i used 6 in the original gun.
- Working pump.
- Shell ejection.
- Weighted, it's rather heavy for its size, but then again, it doesn't feel like you're throwing around a toy gun.
- True trigger.
- Rapid firing capabilities.
- Very sturdy.
- Wide barrel.
- Fires blue rods.

- Doesn't have supermodel good looks.
- Short, a tad short to my liking.
- Stiff pump mechanism, because of how wide the gun is, there's a lot of friction between the pump and arms, and the gun itself.
- Requires broken rods AND SOME BROKEN CONNECTORS!

Away we go!... *magical portal sounds* ... "wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwub"... BING! ... your sandwich is ready : |

Step 1: PART 1 (The Pump)

okay guys, here's the pump, quick and simple, i didn't need to take it all apart because its just layers on top of eachother

PIC 1) What you'll be making.
PIC 2) Grip, you may feel free to add a vertical grip if you wish, that was my first idea, but i gave up after i ran out of pieces.
PIC 3) Another view of the grip.
PIC 4) Further along.
PIC 5) "Tail" of the pump, take not further along..
PIC 6) Another angle, take not on the gap in the middle, and how spaced apart they are.
PIC 7) Take note on how the green connectors are connected other than the yellow rod and the "guiding" bobs on the end.

Step 2: PART 2 (The Barrel)

SECOND most important part of the gun. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE PICTURES!

PIC 1) What you'll be making.
PIC 2) Make two of these.
PIC 3) Add some blue rods, and TWO, two and a half OR three piece wide cut rods.
PIC 4) Another angle.
PIC 5) Close up of the rods.
PIC 6) Make and gather these components.
PIC 7) Add them on like so.
PIC 8) Close up of the front of the barrel.
PIC 9) Make this piece (see picture please).
PIC 10) Another angle (see picture please).
PIC 11) Slide on like so, making sure that the cut rods aren't pushed through the other side they're a little important. : S
PIC 12) A slightly angled pic to show the cut rods.
PIC 13) Take TWO more 2 1/2 cut rod.
PIC 14) They sit in the same holes, and without the last layer they should look like so.
PIC 15) Add on that final layer.
PIC 16) See what i mean? they sit really well with the last layer on.
PIC 17) For strength.

Step 3: PART 3 (The Stock and "Tail" of the Gun)

Let's go!

PIC 1) The stock, simple.
PIC 2) Another angle from the front of the stock.
PIC 3) Another angle from the back of the stock
PIC 4) What you'll be making next.
PIC 5) Handle, simple yet effective.
PIC 6) Another angle to help you build.
PIC 7) Side on.
PIC 8) Make these.
PIC 9) Make this.
PIC 10) A closer look at the 'Y' connector.
PIC 11) Make this.
PIC 12) Another angle.
PIC 13) Squeeze them all together like so.
PIC 14) Handle goes on like so.
PIC 15) Note! There's no white rod between the connectors.
PIC 16) Gather up these.
PIC 17) Add one lot of 8 like so.
PIC 18) Add on the panels you made earlier.
PIC 19) Add these for strength.
PIC 20) Another angle.
PIC 21) Rinse and repeat on the other side.
PIC 22) Attach like so to the yellow rod.
PIC 23) Front angle.

Step 4: PART 4 (Mag and Trigger /Firing Chamber Area)


PIC 1) What you'll be making.
PIC 2) Make these two panels (see pic please).
PIC 3) Make these two panels EXACTLY as shown.
PIC 4) Make this panel.
PIC 5) Add yellow and blue rods like so.
PIC 6) Another angle.
PIC 7) add a few components (see pic please).
PIC 8) A close up (see pic please).
PIC 9) Add a top layer like so.
PIC 10) Make this panel (it's a pain in the butt to add to, but it's the easiest way to do this).
PIC 11) Add a few rods..
PIC 12) Another angle.
PIC 13) Okay, add on everything EXACTLY as shown, trust me.
PIC 14) Another angle.
PIC 15) Now, add a top layer.
PIC 16) Another angle.
PIC 17) Make the trigger, you can replace the broken piece here with a single grey connector, attached to an orange connector with a 'Y' connector on the end of it.
PIC 18) Like so (see pic please).
PIC 19) Slide in like so.
PIC 20) Attach like so.
PIC 21) Add on one of those previous panels.
PIC 22) Other side.
PIC 23) Remember this guy? : D
PIC 24) Another angle.
PIC 25) NOTE! Add only the BOTTOM yellow connector..
PIC 26) Looks good right? (see pic please).
PIC 27) I told you to only place on the bottom one, for this reason.
PIC 28) Mmmmmmmmmhm (see pic please).
PIC 29) Add on some blue spacers, and the two connectors at the bottom there.
PIC 30) Add the rest of the spacers on this side.
PIC 31) Add one of the blue panels you made before.
PIC 32) Add these for strength. 
PIC 33) Also add these for strength.
PIC 34) Rinse and repeat on the opposite side.
PIC 35) Add on these (see pic please).
PIC 36) Acts like an iron sight.
PIC 37) The firing pin.
PIC 38) Under the tape.
PIC 39) Mag pusher.

Step 5: PART 5 (Piecing It All Together)

okay guys and gals.. almost done! You should have these components so far.

PIC 1) What you should have so far! (see pic please).
PIC 2) Add the stock to the "Tail" like so.
PIC 3) What you should have.
PIC 4) Add the "Tail" to the Mag/Trigger/Firing Chamber part.
PIC 5) Snap on the Grey rod of the Pin Guide like so
PIC 6) What you should have.
PIC 7) Attach the barrel like so.
PIC 8) What you should have.
PIC 9) Now the Pump...
PIC 10) Okay, break off the end like so.
PIC 11) Lower it in on the angle.
PIC 12) It should sit like this, between the panels and on top of the spacers.
PIC 13) Push it forward until it starts to slide in.
PIC 14) There you go! : D
PIC 15) The rods should come out about this length, perfectly convenient.
PIC 16) Re-attach the grip like so.
PIC 17) Oh. My. Glob... It's ... ugly : (
PIC 18) Break apart the Pin Guide near the stock, like so.
PIC 19) Slide on the Firing Pin.
PIC 20) It goes UNDER the blue spacers, and into the "tube" headed towards the trigger.
PIC 21) Push it in : D
PIC 22) Re-attach.
PIC 23) Take your mag pusher.
PIC 24) And place it in like so.

Step 6: FINISHING TOUCHES (Laccys and Ammunition)

PIC 1) Your ammunition (see pic please).
PIC 2) Multiply by 6, the black one i use as a marker for my last shot, usually I would use a metallic rod, but it is moving WAY to fast to see.
PIC 3) Push it in like so.
PIC 4) All the way to the top, followed by the other 5.
PIC 5) The final round is in.
PIC 6) Add the Mag Pusher.
PIC 7) Attach a fully stretched laccy like so.
PIC 8) Dear glob... just, just go nuts... trust me.
PIC 9) Another angle.
PIC 10) Add some more laccys, 3 to be exact, the bottom one is folded in half.
PIC 11) A closer look.
PIC 12) Okay, this one is a pain, You'll need to remove the rod first, then fold the laccy in half, THEN you thread the rod through it and pull/push it through. 
PIC 13) The laccy goes OVER the Pin Guide, and onto the back of the Firing Pin.
PIC 14) See.
PIC 15) Take 4 laccys.
PIC 16) Stretch them EXACTLY like so.. just trust me on this one.
PIC 17) Add them on top of the rest.
PIC 18) Okay, this i thought was genius.. and it worked eugenically.
PIC 19) Add the rest back on top like so.

Step 7: What's This?!

So, after i made The Leviathan, I decided to head to games for my newest gun, i looked to an all time favorite, Gears of War. I know, there's a few of these guns already on here, some are amazing, others not so good, but, i made my own in my own interpretation, So, give it a look, i plan on keeping this for a while. and i MIGHT post instructions if i can bare to pull this baby apart, oh, one last thing,you can add an internal mag pusher for the magazine, i just have the giant one because i work better with them : 3

Well, that's me for now, and my guns are up, so I'm probably going to look for more motivation.

Ben_the_builder, over and out.