The M.F.P.9.S - Knex Pistol

Introduction: The M.F.P.9.S - Knex Pistol

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 This is my first instructable, so please don't be too hard on me. Constructive criticism thanks not hate mail.
My new - first - gun!. It uses a low amount of pieces and can be built in 20 minutes or less.
It has:
A 9-shot mag
A friction barrel :(
It can fire up to 40 ft with 3 bands on.
Iron Sights  
Comfy handle
Sturdy frame, but don't test it by lobbing it at the floor!

I give credit to:
Killer-SafeCracker for the trigger
Knexfreek for the advertising and making me known (sorta :P)

All modifications welcome!
Please give a good rating and relay feedback below!

Step 1: Side Panels/Body

 This step is the step showing how to make the outside of the gun!

Step 2: The Panel's 'white Rod Placement'

 This is what holds the bullet and guides the ram rod!

Step 3: The Mechanism

 Simply build!
It's not hard

Step 4: The Trigger


Step 5: Putting It Together

Step 6: Rubber Band Placement and Moving Parts

 Ram Rod and Mag Pusher

Step 7: How to Load and Fire

 Only look at this step if you are new to knex modeling!

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    11 years ago on Step 6

    If you dont want to add a rubberband to the ram, just add a white connector.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    The front looks unfinished. If you add red connectors, it will look finished. 5*