The MIY $5.00 "All Dress" Make It and Wear It, From Spring to Fall




Introduction: The MIY $5.00 "All Dress" Make It and Wear It, From Spring to Fall

About: I'm a decor designer and photographer, Quebec, Canada

The MIY $5.00 "All Dress"
Make it and wear it .....From Spring to Fall
For all occasions from beach dress, casual, to cocktail and party dress!!!
One dress ~ the MIY all season dress!
Recrafted with style ~ this basic cotton dress can be worn several different ways throughout the seasons.

This spring and summer before you even
step foot in a store, I invite you to first go
through and have a look at what you already
have from last summer and even treasure
from years ago. You will be amazed on how
easy it is to recraft your spring summer
fashions with style and color. A great way to
revitalize your wardrobe with a fresh new
look, is to paint on it. At style with fabulous
designs and yes colours.

by Maddylane Designs

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This would be great with a shrug or a bolero type jacket. Black would be obvious and work well but hey! what about a red or orange. Loved it all great job.