Introduction: The Magic Bottle

Print your own Magic bottle

Step 1: What Is Magic Bottle

Pour water again and again from an empty 3D printed plastic bottle! Pour a quantity of water from the bottle, seeming to empty it, moments later pour a quantity of water again !

Step 2: Design

The concept is to include upside down internal chamber/ chambers
inside the bottle that can hold some liquid when the bottle is tilted and held upside down

Step 3: Liquid Transfer to Main Chamber

When the bottle is upright again, liquid is transferred from the small chamber to fill the main chamber that when the bottle is held upside down again, the liquid is free to pure out of the bottle making a great illusion leaving the audience in doubts where this liquid come from?

Step 4: Different Internal Design

You can add more than one chamber, at different orientation, you can really play with the design making it very interesting and able to pour multiple times adding more excitement. I decided to experiment with a C shape section adding holes at different angles.

Step 5: Printing the Bottle

I used a reprap 3D printer to prototype the bottle, I am sure almost any 3D printer can do it, make sure you chose the right settings to produce an air tight bottle that does not leak.