Introduction: The Magic Chicken Cardboard Box

Open the lid of this box and you will see a compartment in the middle. Close the lid, turn around and open again. Now you see the two compartments on the left and the right side. The box in the middle is covered - here you can hide your secret letters and photos (for instance your personal chicken pictures).

The tools you need:

- a hot glue gun (and glue sticks)
- wood glue
- a brush
- knive, ruler and cutting mat

Cut the following cardboard pieces:

- baseplate 30 x 17 cm
- two walls (long sides) 31 x 12,5 cm
- two walls (short sides) 17 x 12,5 cm
- lidplate 31 x 18 cm

- 12 sidewalls / separations 17 x 11,5 cm
- 3 inlays 16,5 x 9,5 cm

Cut three stripes of kraft paper 26 x 9,5 cm

Step 1: Assembling the Box

Glue the two short walls flush to the edge of the baseplate. Then glue the long walls to the edges of baseplate and short walls.

Step 2: The Inner Sidewalls

Now glue two sidewalls on every short side of the box. They are marginally lower than the sides.

Step 3: The Inner Separations

Glue four sidewalls to one solid block (twice). Put them in the box. Measure for equal distances. Mark the positions of the separations with a pencil. Then glue the separations to the ground and long walls.

Step 4: The Stripes

Glue the three inlays with wood glue centric on the kraftpaper. Lay them on the box (cardboard inlays downward). Apply the lid.

Step 5: Assembling the Lid

Glue the craft paper to upper side of the lide respectively to the sidewalls (see images). Let the glue try.

The magic chicken cardboard box is completed!

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