Introduction: The Magic Door

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The magic door

Hi all I'm Mustafa Ali Adil I'm from IRAQ / BAGHDAD My age is 9 years old and I in 4 grad , I make a simple project to help us be clean especially these days because corona-virus its name "The magic door" I used instructables platform to help me to write my project steps and I want share it in "hands-free solutions to daily life" with you. let's go to see the steps:



My project about how can we keep our hands are clear when deal with the things around us like when we want open the door in the market, bank and another building we visiting them because that door Knobs more people touch it before for this reason we want use another part In our body to do that task (open door).

Step 1: Requirements

In this project I used the Hardware, Software and another Material

The Hardware


1- I used the MakeyMakey , it is An Invention Kit for Everyone is an electronic invention tool and toy that allows users to connect "everyday" objects to computer programs.

2- computer (laptop or desktop): Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux work well. Tablets will not work well. Your computer must have the ability to plugin a USB “type A” plug. This is how the Makey Makey is connected to your computer.

The Software

i used in this project the Scratch Platform , Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and website targeted primarily at children. Users of the site can create online projects using a block-like interface.



The Materials I used in this project are

1- aluminum foil

2- tape (duct tape, masking tape, or scotch tape)

3- scissors

4- cardboard

Step 2: Design Stage

The first step in this stage wrap the aluminum foil around the cardboard As shown in the picture 1. This aluminum foil is a good Conductive material. Then make some Tape up the aluminum foil To ensure that it does not move.

The second step in this stage Install the two pieces of cardboard on the ground by the tape As shown in the picture 2 and 3.

The third step of this stage join the MakeyMakey hardware with the two pieces of cartoon by the wires As shown in the picture 4 and 5. and join the space port in the MakeyMakey with the upper cardboard from the side that warp by aluminum and join the earth port in the Makeymakey with the another cardboard so from the side that warp by aluminum.

Step 3: Programming Stage

In this stage I programmed the project by using Scratch 3 online platform as shown in the picture 1. I added two sprites in my project the first one the smart door sprite and the second on the welcome word sprite.

in the smart door sprite in i used the following

IF and else block

IF the space key press pressed ? then

send message or order to open the door


close the door

Step 4: The Test Stage

The final stage is test the project

The first step

connect the MkaeyMakey hardware with computer by USB cable and open the Scratch 3 then press the green flag button in the scratch platform the by feet press on the upper cardboard and make it touch with the second cardboard from the aluminum side then we will see the open and when we We pull our feet from the cardboard the door closed. as shown in the video


Step 5: Summary

We can make the kids be part from this society from Encourage them to Inventing things to help the society.

Thanks and I'm ready to answer any question just leave it in comments

Finally my family (Dad and Mom) are help me to make this prototype we work as a teamwork

Mustafa Ali

The project link on Scratch 3 online

stay home & stay safe

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