The Magnet Claw

Introduction: The Magnet Claw

The Magnet Claw is a easy, simple kinetic project. It involves a circular magnet hanging from a string which is placed directly over several other magnets that have repelling forces so it creates a continuous movement. Made by "diligent" students of Mr. Marlowe's class.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools




- 13 x 10 x 1/2 inch wooden base

- 5.5 x 4 x 3/4 inch wooden block

- 12 x 12 x 3/4 inch wooden stick

- 24 inch pvc pipe with a diameter of 1 inch

- 24 inch string

- 5 to 10, 1 inch small circular magnets with a hole inside

- duct tape

- 4, 1.5 inch nails

Step 2: Painting the Wooden Materials

Paint each wooden material with the color so desired. This is to add vibrancy to the project. Beware later on that tape does not stick to paint well so go easy.

Step 3: Building the Foundation

Take the wooden base and the wooden block. Put the block vertically (so that the tall side is up) on the middle of the edge of the base. Hammer 2 nails into the block and base system. The nails should not be hammered in the middle of the block. One nail should be hammered in between the middle of the block and the edge so it is about 3/4 of the block in. Repeat for the other nail for the other side. Make sure that they are firmly held together so that they do not slide out.

Step 4: Attaching the Tower

Take the pvc pipe and place is vertically with the block. Their tall sides should be facing up so that they are parallel to each other. Place the pvc pipe in the middle of the block's side so that the pipe is facing inward towards the base. Hammer 2 nails into the pipe so that the nails are vertical. The nails should be an inch apart from each other.

Step 5: Setting the Crane

Take the wooden stick and place it horizontally to the pvc pipe. They should be perpendicular to one another. Take the stick and place the edge on top of the pvc pipe so that only a little edge of the stick hangs off of the pipe. Tape the edge of the stick and the the pipe so that they are firmly stuck together. The stick should not be able to move.

Step 6: Adding the Rope

Take the string and tie 2-3 inches to the edge of the stick. Do not tie too much or the effect will not work because the repulsion is too weak. Add some tape to the string and the stick so it will be certain that it won't slip off. This adds more stability to the crane.

Step 7: Implementing the Claw

Take one magnet and tie the string in the hole. Tie a couple of knots to make sure that it sturdy and secure. The string should not fall off of the magnet. The magnet should be hanging 2 inches off of the ground.

Step 8: Placing the Goodies

Take the rest of the magnets, depending on your preference, and place them all with the repelling side up. Tape the magnets to the base so that they do not move. So when the hanging magnet comes close to the magnet's reach, the hanging magnet will go away because of the similar ions in the magnet. One side of the magnet will have positive ions, and one side will have negative ions. The hanging magnet will automatically repel the magnets because it is always twirling so even if opposite sides are facing each other, the motion of the twirl will flip the magnet around to where the ions are the same and thus repel away from the magnet.

Step 9: Clap and Drool

As you watch in awe for all the tremendous work that you have put in building this simple yet coolio project, you see your friends flocking to see the amazement of your efforts. Once you move the magnet to its rotation with the other magnets, you begin to see your friends clap and drool incessantly, you begin to wonder why they're your friends in the first place. But never the matter, being the heroic friend you are, you take out your polka dotted handkerchief and wipe their troglodyte mouths. Then, when they clap, you do your most swaggity dance. Then when it's time to present your project, the whole class starts to mimic your friends' behaviors from before. You know it's pretty gross, but you just stand there awkwardly, not paying any attention to them. When the obvious applause comes from the class, you grin and dab on them, whip, and nae nae, maybe even soldier boy a little. Whatever, you do you.

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    If this were made a little bigger, it would be a great demonstration for a place like a children's museum.