Introduction: The Magnetic Dancing Robots

Introduction-How does it work?

The essential setup will be a thick hardcover book. Under the cover, there will be two (or it can be more) spinning around. On the cover, you can set up two metal-built robots, and they will be moving because of the moving magnets. (Original idea comes from:

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Approximate Budget: $50


  1. Hardcover book. Make sure it is thick enough. I suggest at least 5 cm. I purchased mine from a thrift shop for $2.99
  2. 3v Geared Motor $4.3

  3. Copper Tube $5.5

  4. 2 x Rare Earth Magnets. $3

  5. Toggle Switch. $6 (I already have one but I'm sure you can buy it from amazon).

  6. Wires (amazon)

  7. AAA batteries(amazon)

  8. Battery Pack(amazon)

  9. 2 x Washers $6

  10. Random Electronic Parts (for creating your little robot)


  1. Hot Glue
  2. Solder Station (ii will be easier if you have a thinner tip)
  3. Wire Strippers
  4. Pliers
  5. Wire Cutter

Step 1: Making the Robots

1. Gather some random electronic parts then design what's your dancing robots are going to be like

2. I found two cylinder shape metals, different in size, and four resistors

3. I used the smaller metal as the head, larger metal as the body, four resistors as arms and legs, then soldered them together

4. Place a washer underneath your robot, the thinner the better.

Step 2: Preparing the Stage

  1. Find a book that's thick enough, large enough for a at least 2-inch radius circle and has the hardcover. I used a book that's 8.3 inch x 11.7 inches (about A4 Paper Size) and is 3 inches thick.
  2. Open the book, on the page under the cover page, sketch the setup of your motor, magnets, battery patch, and toggle switch.
  3. Measure the thickness of your materials, then estimate how many pages you need to cut.
  4. Cut the book by using a box cutter.
  • Make sure that the size of the square where you set up the copper tube and the magnets is sufficient for spinning. My square was 6.5'' x 6.5'' the deepness of the square need to make sure that when magnets are spinning they do not touch the paper
  • The second picture shows a complete setup

Step 3: Circuits

  1. To build the circuit, you need toggle switch, motor and battery patch and wires
  2. Solder the wires as picture shown
  • Use red and black wires to represent positive and negative respectively. Connect correct wire to correct side on the motor. There should be a label at the bottom that tells you which side is negative and which side is positive.
  • Be careful when you are connecting wires onto the toggle switch, positive wires need to lie on the same side.

Step 4: Place Magnets

  1. Cut your copper tube into appropriate length
  2. Bend the copper tube at middle to make space for the tip of the motor
  3. Place the circuit into the book first, then use hot glue to stabilize the motor
  4. Hot glue magnets on both ends of the copper tube
  5. Hot blue the tip of the motor onto the copper tube
  • Test the circuit sees if it works before placing it into the book
  • It would be the best to solder the tip of the motor into the copper tube. However, I tried but failed to do so. Hot glue is the second best choice.

Step 5: Complete!

  1. Stabilize the toggle switch and the wires by using tape (hot glue or super glue also works)
  2. Close the cover page, and turn on the toggle switch
  3. You can make some decorations by using cardboards and color paper like I did
  • Possible Errors:
    1. The circuit could be broken (Solution: Redo the whole circuit)
    2. The Magnets are too far away underneath the cover (Solution: Adjust the height of the copper tube or use two magnets on each end)