Introduction: The Manic

"The Manic"

How to make:
Black Authentic ninja uniform:

Black Elbow and kneed pads from the Target store:

3 Deluxe Freddy Krueger Gloves:

4 or 8 packs of neon glow rings at Target store:

Pumpkin Animotion Mask:

8 Kiwi Sport Flat Shoelaces:

Black Invisible Ghoul Mask:

Black pull over hoodie:

Black Boots:

Black Gloves:

Last but not least......Black Thread and Needle & black wire twisties (the kind of twisties that comes on a loaf of bread)

Make Mask head instructions:

Open 2 packs of neon glow rings and take out the color of 2 neon sticks you want to use for the eyes. using the needle and thread, Sew them onto the Black Invisible Ghoul Mask in the exact same place your eye would be if you was to put the mask on. when your done sewing, put mask on and then put on Pumkin animotion mask over it. the look shoould be like the mask pic i took in my pictures. (note: do not activate neon sticks until you are ready to go to a halloween party) you should be able to see good out of both masks in well lightened areas. repeat the same process again if you accidentally activated neon glow sticks and they now have dimmed out (glow time for sticks last up to 6 to 8 hours give or take)

Make hand claws insturctions:  

Carefully remove the brown standard gloves on all 3 that comes with the Deluxe Freddy Krueger Gloves. after that, using the 3rd Deluxe Freddy Krueger Gloves, Carefully remove 2 of the fingers off of the claw plate (these are going to be used for your on each) using the Black shoe laces carefully wrap them around the freddy kruger claw plate until you have something similar to what you see in the pictures. use black twisties to wrap around finger tips.

Make whole Body suit instuctions:

Put black hoodie on first then top half of the ninja outfit. Next put on bottom half of ninja outfit, third put on boots (use pictures for reference) then Put on your mask as stated in the above instructions. Next put hood over maks like seen in pictures and then last but not least black gloves and then claws over the gloves.

Conclusion, your outfit should look the same if not similar to pictures....Have a safe and happy Holloween 2013 :)

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