Introduction: The Map From Treasure Island (1990)

Yarr, Jimlad! In a previous instructable I showed how to make a copy of the treasure map from the Goonies. This instructable includes the map from another of my favourite pirate films, Treasure Island (the 1990 version). The steps are exactly the same -just print and stain. This instructable just includes the downloadable PDF map (A3 print), so refer to my earlier instructable for the additional steps.

If you're interested in the background, R. L. Stevenson wrote treasure island in 1881 based on an idea he got while drawing a map with his stepson. Eventually he sent the map and manuscript to a publisher, but the map was somehow lost. Stevenson had to draw a new one, shown above, though he admitted he was never as satisfied with it as the original.

The book has been adapted for screen many times, and the map you see on film is usually some slight variation on Steveneson's original (well, his second original!). The 1934 movie used pretty much an exact copy. The popular Disney version from 1950 has a modified version of the island, but most of the text, compass and legend are close copies.

But the 1990 adaptation starring Charlton Heston and Christian Bale is, in my opinion, the definitive version and the best pirate movie ever made. It is not well known, and finding information about the making of it is almost impossible. We don't get a very good look at the map on film, but I was albe to fill in the blanks from a promotional poster image I found online. Again, it is closely derived from Stevenson's original drawing. In the film, Flint's instructions are printed on the back of the map, which I have duplicated i the PDF. If anyone has any further insight into this film, I'd love to hear about it!