The Martini and the Olive Brain Teaser

Introduction: The Martini and the Olive Brain Teaser

a simple task put an olive in the martini....

you will need 4 tooth picks or match sticks and an olive (or small Olive representation like a penny or in this case a marble)

.....a simple task put an olive in the martini not hard you say what if i say you can't touch the olive you can however move 2 of the toothpicks but they cannot interact or be used to move the olive

Step 1: Set Up

you will want to set up the puzzle like this

Step 2: Spoiler Spoiler Solution Below

do not go past this unless you want to spoil the solution for yourself... you have been warned

Step 3: I'm Not Kidding Don't Pass This

past here is the answer ok go ahead only if you're ready

Step 4: 1st Move

move the bottom of the glass so it is lined up with one of the walls of the glass like the picture

Step 5: 2nd Move

move the wall that is or there by itself to be the second wall like the picture shows

well that's it a fun brain teaser to play on your friends i hope you enjoyed if you liked it vote for me in the puzzle contest that be really cool if you

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